Tuesday, February 12, 2013

You'll {HEART} this Challenge!


Did you see that there's a challenge going on over at the Paper Smooches blog this week in honour of Valentine's Day?  The challenge is to make a card using hearts.  And, you don't even have to make a new card - you can enter an older one that's been previously posted if you don't have time to make a new one before the deadline on Friday.  I am going to try my very best to get a new one made sometime this week, but just in case I don't have a chance I and going to enter this card. 

It's one that I made for a SPARKS challenge last August.  It's one of my favourite cards that I've made.  Can't even explain why, I just loved the way it turned out.  It's an anniversary card that I made for my sister and her husband who celebrated 15 years of marriage last year.  Hope you like it!

Have a good night!


  1. Adding the little hearts to your great background is so cute!

  2. How adorable is this card!! Perfection+++ for your anniversary audience; they must have loved it! Random hearts, the little bird, the colours: absolutely eye-catching!! Consider adding this to the Play Date Cafe Challenge; a 'second' showcase of your creative talents would be a charming addition to the 'field of entries.' Who knows who may be scouting :-)
    Thank you again for the comment on my 'yet another' scalloped heart card. The vision in my head was a better version than the real thing, but I'm still happy I gave it a go. In 'real life,' it's quite pretty. Photography skills are woeful...more practice needed or perhaps just aiming to take photos when the light is better. Oh, the 'learning' taking place in this venture. As for your revelation that you've been card making for 10 years - really?? You must have started when you were 12!! You're a doll for complimenting my 'search for style.' I'm thinking as much about the 'sketches' as it is about the colours that resonate. Kraft, rose - the 'vintage' tones (is that the word?) - seem to resonate with me more than vibrant pinks, blues, and greens. Then again, that's the thinking for 'this' second in time! Playing around is so much fun - maybe my style will simply be 'whim'...

    Boot camp and spin-classes? Along with card-making, work and everything else you do - are you sure you're 'one' person! Amazing energy! Me: a good daily walk is my 'exercise' investment - and making cards :-)! My husband is the athlete, mainly as a competitive cyclist, cross-country and skate-skier. His 'job' is in biathlon - as an executive director. My role - helper with biathlon (sometimes) and #1 fan with the cycling. Works out well...

    Off to 'wrestle' with a card for TAWS - nearly done, but...not sure if I'm jiving with the overall effect. Might have to re-assemble (again - relying on digis and the one set I have: No Peeking). Hope I can get it done and posted tonight.
    Blog question: your comments arrive at my inbox; if I reply to those, would they appear in your email or on your blog? If the former, then I'll do that, to free up some of your comment space (I'm a babbler, as you can see!).
    Enjoy your evening. HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY tomrrow and excited to see your card on the PS stage!! Yayyyy...

  3. The birdie and the hearts and the adorableness! I'm going to give this one to you and Dave after you get married. *HINT HINT!!!!!!*

  4. OOOH! I'll give you a fish balloon too!!!


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