Tuesday, April 29, 2014

No card, but maybe you can help!


Gah!  So bummed that I haven't been around much these days!  Hopefully life's craziness will settle soon and I can get back into my craft room!  But in the meantime...
Just wanted to share a story with you that touched me deeply.  This community is so thoughtful and caring, and I thought it would touch you too.  It's a local news story here in Vancouver that was shared recently about a fifteen year old girl named Brooklyn who suffers from a form of autism and epilepsy.  She was involved in an exchange program with a group of students from Prince Edward Island, on the east coast of Canada. 
As planned, students from PEI visited Vancouver first.  During that visit, Brooklyn had an epileptic seizure.  As a result, a board determined that Brooklyn would not be able to make the exchange trip out to PEI with her peers.  This decision was devastating for Brooklyn and it broke her heart.  Watching her story on the news broke my heart too.  If you have a few moments, please watch Brooklyn's story here.
For more information, you can visit Brooklyn's Facebook page.  A petition has been started to reverse the decision and help Brooklyn get to PEI.  I signed it and I'm hoping you will consider signing it too.  It will take less than five minutes and it could help this sweet, brave, intelligent girl get what she deserves.
Thank you so much for letting me share this with you!

Friday, April 11, 2014

Two Cards for a long overdue post!


Oh my goodness, it has been so long since I last posted!!  My work schedule has changed significantly, and it has completely eaten up all of my card making time!!  And I am not a happy camper about that!!!  It's also affected my ability to comment on all of your blogs, which is most disappointing of all for me :( .  I just love connecting with all of you, and feel terrible that I haven't been able to be as "active" as I was.  I'm not sure things will be back to "normal" anytime soon.  But at every opportunity I have, I will drop by for sure.

Okay, and because things are still crazy, I am going to make this short and sweet!  Two cards today.  The first one is for Lisa Arana's Wanna Sketch Challenge.  I LOVE this challenge, and just couldn't let this one pass me by!!  And I love the PS Sparks Challenge as well, and this week, it's an Anything Goes.  So I took a little time today to play, and here's what I came up with:

And this second card is one that I made for a 50th wedding anniversary that friends of my parents were celebrating.  I think 50 years SUCH a milestone.  To love and support each other, though all that life would have offered them through the years, the good, the bad and the ugly, is something to be honoured.  Love and commitment in its truest form.  No challenges on this one - I just winged it!  And here it is:

Thank you SO much for coming be, especially since posting has been non-existent around here lately.  It means a LOT to me!!