Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Retro Sketches #52 - Wild Card!


Today I'm posting the card that I made for the Retro Sketches challenge this week.  It's week 52, which means they are celebrating their one year anniversary.  The challenge is to pick any one of the 51 previous challenge sketches - so I figured I might as well start with #1!  I briefly (obviously too briefly!) studied the sketch and made a mental not - three longer vertical pieces and two panels - one smaller than the other.  And that's what I walked away with as I headed off to make the card.  I was so excited about an idea I had to use tree trunks in place of the three vertical pieces.   A little outside the box!  So I went about making my card, which turned out exactly how I had envisioned it (we all know that doesn't always happen!), and then went back to the sketch.  Well, when I *briefly* looked at the sketch before making the card, I had overlooked...well, a major detail!!  I left out an entire panel - the key panel, which was supposed to overlap the vertical strips!  Uh oh!  Oh well...

Here's the sketch (not the one in my head - the *actual* sketch - ha ha! :

And here's what happened:

It's a little busier than I normally do, but I'm pretty happy with it.  It is all TAWS, and mostly from Trees Company (loooove that set!).  I think I'll still post it on the Retro Sketches blog...hopefully my little oversight will be overlooked!!

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  1. LOVE this (sorry, shouting...but your card warrants it!). Your litte scene is darling, and your interpretation I consider 'artistic license.' Key elements present - quadruple checkmarks; colour/pattern combinations leading to 'cuteness' factor - A+++; showcase of Trees Company - 100% (another addition to my list - and the only reason I haven't sent an order is because I'm awaiting the new release scheduled for tomorrow. Yayyy...but that means more choices, more decisions, more "I want"...) Overall 'assessment' - FANTASTIC!!
    Excellent card from an exceptional artist!

  2. I so agree with cm above. This is such a good card which I think is an astonishing and very clever interpretation of the sketch.

  3. Love how you used the sketch, what a cute card :0)
    Jenny x

  4. your interpretation of the sketch is bang on girlio. definitely link it up!


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