Wednesday, February 06, 2013

A Little Digi Inspiration


Posting my last Valentine's card of the year tonight!  I was very much inspired by a card Kim Hughes from Paper Smooches made way back in April last year.  It the owl and branch are one of the free digis she offered in April.  Here's a link (scroll to the very bottom, but on your way, check out all the other sweet digis available!).  I actually didn't use the digi though - I have the original stamp set from way back when Kim was designing for Cornish Heritage Farms.  It's still one of my faves - although it doesn't get as much love as it used to.  And that's only because they are rubber cling stamps, not the clear polymer ones, so you can't see where you are placing the image.   Sometimes dragging out the stamp positioner (Stampamajig) seems like too much effort - ha ha!

I'm going to bring my Valentine's cards to work tomorrow and see if anyone's interested in purchasing one from the stash of about 12 that I've built up over the past two months.  Hopefully the sale will be a success!  I sell my cards for $2.50 each, so that works out to about 10 cents an hour!  But I do like keeping the prices low, and it just really pays for the supplies, so I can keep on buying more!  I figure that if anyone can buy a handmade card for less than the price of a mass produced one from the drug store, it is an offer they won't want to refuse!

And without further ado, the card!

Before I go, I just wanted to give a shout out to Anthony!  And yes, I left the shout out to the end of the post just to make sure he *really* does read all of the entries like he says he does!

Have a good night!


  1. Your card is a 'hoot' (sorry, couldn't resist, plus it's 6:00 am, so I get to be goofy!). Absolutely adorable for anyone/everyone, but especially guys. Your paper-piecing is amazing. A Blog Named Hero has such a challenge going, might consider entering. He's a cutie!
    I agree with you about the $2.50 price. I'm planning to do the same, although my work audience here consists of me and only two others. Definitely need to branch beyond 'home' territory. My mom's been a great 'sales person' for me; whenever I bring her a stack, she takes them to the nursing home where she volunteers. Part of the 'profit' comes to me; the rest to the volunteers' committee (purchases for the residents). As you mentioned: it's all about making a wee bit to cover costs for us, and something 'unique' for the buyers. Win-win all around!
    Ordered my stamps...yayyyy!!
    Have a fantastic Thursday; looking forward to the themes that emerge with your 'now done with V-day, moving on' plans. Always a treat, no matter what you create!!

  2. Me again. Paper Smooches is having a March Guest Designer Call which means: You. Go. Immediately. Your cards are amazing plus you have all the 'characteristics' they're seeking in a GT, with 'pure cleverness' as a highlight. You have a wide assortment of PS stamps to work with AND you'll get even more! Score! Seriously, I think you'd be a 'perfect' fit...perfect...

    1. I wish I had as much confidence in myself as you have in me! Ha ha! I kind of thought about it, but I just don't feel ready for it just yet. So much exposure! So much pressure! (giggling!) Maybe one of these days though! It was actually a big step for me to start entering challenges, but as you know, now I actually love it! So maybe I'll work up the courage to "take the next step" and throw my name in as I continue on my blog journey :)

      Thank you as alway for such sweet comments and encouragement! Seriously, they are just so heartwarming to read. And I can't wait to hear updates about your card sales! I love that your Mom has taken on the sales role!!

      Have a good night :) Not sure if I'll have a chance to post tonight, but I will be back soon :)


  3. You're making major 'strides' in your blogging journey with the first step of creating one, then adding outstanding content with your cards, and entering challenges. Next more = DT member. I totally understand how 'exposure and pressure' are daunting. As good ol' Hamlet says, "The readiness is all," and when you're ready, you'll go for it - and do a mighty excellent job in the process! (Yikes, went all 'teacher-y' for a second there!)
    Hope your card sales went well, and that your 'profits' will help you add to your various stashes/collections. Other than PS and TAWS, who else is on your shopping list? I've found some fairly good deals (I often wait for coupons/sales, though) at Scrapbookers' Paradise. Shipping is free with $50 (but sometimes $25) worth of purchases; a wide range of products are in their sales section AND they often have discount coupons, that can be used on-line or in-store. Depending when the coupons appear, and based on my husband's work schedule, I occasionally send him on a shopping mission. I confess to being a paper addict...EP, Carta Bella, Simple Stories...oh, the list I have.

    Have a great weekend! Valentine's Day cards is #1 on my 'must do' agenda...
    Looking forward to your next post + card showcase.
    Oh yes - your friend's fashion blog is delightful!!!

  4. Well said "teach"! (and Hamlet too ;)
    Thank you for asking about the card sales! It went very well! I've got a few left over, but I'm leaving them at work, because I know they will get snapped up by the "last minute" co-workers of mine! (and not because they like them, just because they are desperate!! ha ha!)
    Oooh, Scrapbook Paradise sounds like a very good place to shop. Coupons and free shipping are always perks. I am impressed that your husband can be trusted on a shopping mission! I only say that because I'm not sure I would have as much confidence in mine! Please don't get me wrong, he is an AMAZING man and would go on that shopping mission the second I asked him - but, I can only imagine what he would come back with ;) ha ha!

    As for my shopping list, I really do just stick to TAWS and PS. I find that they really suit my style and their sets work well together. I have occasionally eyed Lawn Fawn (similar style) but haven't made any purchases yet. There is one blogger that you have to check out though (if you haven't already) who uses mainly Lawn Fawn and her cards are adorable! Here blog is: Let me know what you think!

    Hope you had a chance to make your Valentine's cards today!
    ps..just wondering because I'm still so new at blogging - when I reply to you, do you get the reply by email notification, or do you have to come back to the blog to see if I've posted? Just let me know when you can. Thank you :)

  5. Headed back here after commenting on your cute cow card. As for your question about replies: you're on my Google Reader list, so I see your posts as you add them, then just scoot over to see if you've commented. Easy-peasy...I've tried the 'subscribe by email' in the past, but too often, posts end up in junk mail. Too frustrating. Because I don't want to miss your 'great' stuff (how's that for teacher talk' - yikes! Hmmm...maybe blogging would stave off my rapidly deteriorating writing/vocabulary skills...), GR is perfect.

    Oh, the men in our lives truly have our interests at heart, even if their 'comfort zones' are stretched maximally. My husband - left to his own devices - would be beyond lost in a scrapbooking store. That's why I send a very detailed (images included) list that he can just pass along. His only task: collect and pay. Poor guy - the things he does for me! The trade off: I'm supportive of his cycling passion, (although his cycling "must haves' are way more $$$$ than the card-making ones on my list...sort of...), so it works out well. He goes on his long training rides; I have long crafting sessions. Exercise for the body; exercise for the mind (or so I've decided).

    I'm rapidly becoming a PS and TAWS only, fan too. I'll definitely scope out the Lawn Fawn site you shared. So much 'tempation' out there - and I've made a few "why did I do that' investments. Lots to learn for sure.
    Have a fantastic Sunday. I'm back to Valentine card making as yesterday's plans were pre-empted, as you'll see in your newest post (actually, I went for a couple hours' walk and house cleaned a bit, so I don't feel too guilty about my card-indulgence).
    Carry on with the cards; house-duties...meh, over-rated...(cookie-baking might be a fun addition to the day, though).

  6. Just wanted to tell you that your card sale was the highlight of my week at the GT Country Club and I look forward to seeing the delight on my Valentine's face when he gets my handmade card from you!


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