Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Aliens in Love


This week's Paper Smooches SPARKS challenge is up and running.  It's a trend watch challenge and the theme: polka dots!  Although the polka dots are not exactly the focal point on the card, they're in there.  I "dressed" one of the little aliens in them :)  I just think these guys are so adorable.  Perfect for Valentine's!  They are from Paper Smooches Space Cadet and the heart is from Woofers and Tweeters.  The sentiment is from Alley Way Stamps.

Thank you as always for looking!


  1. Love this! The little aliens are darling! Great colors and love that patterned paper. Sweet. Bev

  2. Thank you for your response to my comment yesterday. Your cards are so thoughtful and heart-warming, that I can't resist letting you know! Case in point: today's gem! Adorable to the nth degree! I want them as 'pets' - just that size (okay, perhaps a smidge bigger to withstand all the cuddles and smooches they'd receive). Truly, this is delightful. Keep that 'challenge fever' going; my prediction is we'll see you as a DT member for PS and/or TAWS in the near future!
    My blog creation is still in 'stall' mode. I can't decide between blogger or WordPress, then there's the whole 'theme/colour/layout' stage to contend with, followed by selecting which of my (totally AMATEUR!!!) projects to include, and...Procrastination+++. Goal = next week, and now that I've written it, I'm obliged to follow through. Eek!

    Quick 'advice' question: which 3 PS stamp sets are your recommended "must haves" (audience = my niece/newphew, as well as for challenge entries)? You certainly have a most charming collection, and your knack for 'breathing life' into them showcases versatility. Any suggestions = hugely appreciated (add 'indecisive' to my queen of procrastinating title).
    Again, thank you for brightening my day! "Alien love," indeed! Looking forward to seeing what's in store for tomorrow (and shopping tips, if you have a chance). Enjoy your evening immensely.

    1. Thank you for brightening MY day!!

      Don't feel too much pressure to get your blog up next week! You want it to be something you enjoy, and not something you feel pressure to do. Try not to get too caught up on the details either. Colours, themes, etc can all be updated and changed - you can play as you go! And be proud to post any of your projects!

      As far as Blogger vs Wordpress - I was wondering the same thing myself. I did a *little* bit of research, and still couldn't decide which was best for me. My decision to go with Blogger was soley based on seeing so many others using Blogger over Wordpress. And I have to say it's been pretty simple to get a basic blog up and running. So that's my unsolicited advice!

      And now for the advice you asked for...!!! Top 3 - that's a toughie. I have so many (ridiculous really!) sets that I reach for all the time. Let me see. I would get a sentiment set for sure. I find the handwritten sentiments add just the right touch of whimsey. I think Sentiment Sampler is a perfect starter. For images, I think I would go with Woofers and Tweeters for the fun/cute cards that your niece and nephew might like, and for the less "cutesy" look Reflections is a good choice.

      But I must warn you, once you start ordering, it's hard to stop! I think I have over thirty sets by now. And Paper Smooches (and TAWS) make it so easy. The sets are so well priced and the shipping rates to Canada are amazing. They've just gone up a bit, but it's something like $3 if your order is under $45 and $8 if it's over. It does take about two weeks for the stamps to arrive, but they are worth the wait!

      Hope that helps!
      Haven't had a chance to make anything tonight, but I hope to make something tomorrow night and get it up then or Thursday morning. I'm thrilled that you look forward to seeing them!

      Have a fantastic night :)

  3. These cute aliens just made me smile ... so sweet! Anita in France :)


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