Saturday, February 23, 2013

The Challenge that Never Was...


I had big plans today.  Big.  I was going to play along with challenges galore.  Unfortunately, my brain had other plans.  Challenges were not to be had.  :(  It was just one of those days where, no matter how hard I tried, I just couldn't seem to pull a card together based on a challenge.  Maybe I tried too hard!  So I decided to free-style instead.  Maybe the challenges will cooperate with me tomorrow!

I had some of the ladies at work ask me to make a few cards for them, so that's what I decided to work on.  I was happy that I got them all done - I'll share them throughout the next few days.  Two of them were requests for baby shower cards.  Whenever I make baby cards, I, without fail, reach for my go-to set.  It is a Kim Hughes set from back when she was designing for Cornish Heritage Farms.  I wish I could remember the name of it off the top of my head, but it is *the* most adorable baby set you will lay your eyes on.  I made the card in a baby-neutral colour scheme using yellow, brown and red.  Not a colour combo I use a lot, but I was happy with how it turned out.  The sentiment is from TAWS Priceless Joy, another baby set you will want to feast your eyes on!

And here it is:

Hope you like it :) 
Be back again tomorrow with the other baby shower card I made.
Thank you as always for looking!


  1. I'm back!!!! So cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. "Priceless Joy" - what an apt description of what YOU have captured here! From the colours (stepping outside the frame works wonderfully here!), to the 'baby items' (how cute is that soother (pacifier...whatever they're called!), and again, the strategically placed little touches - on the onesie - guaranteed to capture heart-strings. I think that's yet another facet of your cards - and of your charming personality - that's captivating: the 'special touches' - be they embellishments or words - that speak volumes of just how 'tuned in' you are to your audience. Sensitivity and compassion: you oodles! Your co-worker will be thrilled to pass this card along to the parents of the new baby; and they, in their turn, will treasure it immensely. It's a 'one-sie' of a kind!! (so much for my early morning attempts for 'clever').

    I managed, teary-eyed as I was, to add a couple finishing touches to a pre-trip, partially-constructed card for PS SPARKS - and post once we arrived home. "Priority post," indeed. I literally zoomed in the door, dropped my bags on floor, launched food purchases on the counter, and entered crazy craft-frenzy. All I can say: challenge done! I empathize with your seeming 'reduced' challenge fever. Still, you continue to create - and that's what ultimately counts! I imagine that you'll be back in full swing in the blink of an eye, after a day off work and a chance to rejuvenate on all fronts.

    Over the weekend, our office had a server over-haul, so this morning will an flurry of 'reconfiguring' our various computers to working speed. I hope, hope and hope that the fire-walls will allow for more access and flexibility, beyond what we had before, which was incredibly minimal, considering the 'state of the art' access available. Seeing images, writing comments, even sending emails - often not available. Fingers crossed! I'm heading in early and, if things 'rock' as well as we've been told, more 'day time' notes heading your direction!!
    Oh yes, the sadness of leaving my family (we won't have a visit chance until late March, or even April. GAH!), was slightly alleviated with: my PS stamps arriving!!! Yayyyy...adorable with a capital A!
    I wish you a day off filled with cosy comforters wrapped around you, hot coffee to sip on, chocolate to nibble on, and card-making galore! In all - a day of absolute joy!! *Chat* with you soon!!

  3. Me again...apologies for the typos above! I'll blame travel for my lapses in spelling...repetitive word choices...disjointed thoughts...Honestly, if I were grading this, I'd request a rewrite!! Oh, I'm such a goof sometimes! Thanks for putting up with me! Wishes again for a happy day!

  4. sweet! was the set's name "Baby Love" by any chance? i don't have it but it was on my LONG list of KG stamps. i hope she releases it again as part of her kismet line. it's a is your card :)


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