Saturday, February 16, 2013

A Colour Conundrum


It's Saturday.  It's quiet.  It's raining.  It's perfect card making time!   I just want to say how thankful I am to all those ladies who run the challenge blogs week after week.  They have changed my card making world!  They have helped me develop so much as a card maker and always inspire and ignite my creativity.  Honestly, I can't say thank you enough to you all!

Today's card was inspired by the TAWS Be Inspired challenge #22.  I have to admit, it scared me at first.  The pale brown colour with such bright, even neon colours - I had no idea if I was going to be able to pull this one off! 

Here's the inspiration photo:

And here's my take:

I was so happy to get a chance to use my Awesome Blossom set which just arrived the other day.  I was the random winner recently on one of the Be Inspired challenges and couldn't wait to ink it up.  I loved that it worked so well with the challenge photo.  I think I got all the colours in there - I snuck in the pale brown in by threading it into the button.

Hope you like it...and I think I have the perfect recipient of this card in mind ;)

Thanks for coming to see me!


  1. That is so cute, Shannon! That inspiration photo is really intimidating, but you did a great job with the challenge! I hope you have a great weekend! :)

  2. Good morning, Shannon: "Colour Conundrum" - brilliant title for your stunning resolution to the "what-to-design-given-this-photo" puzzle. Gorgeous! Awesome Blossom (thank you for always providing a link to the products you use; see, yet another indictation of how thoughtful you are!!) looks delightfully versatile *adds to list*. The swirls are 'lively', and with the eye-catching butterfly, the overall impact is one of, twirling butterfly movement. You "pulled this one off" wonderfully! Creativity+++++

    Your opening comments thanking the ladies who invest their time and energy into running contests is heart-warming, thoughtful and abundantly true! While offering the contest, and navigating its details would be tons of fun (not to mention inspiring and rewarding), the thought of selecting winners would be daunting. So much talent and creativity could not, in my 'indecisive mind', unrewarded go. I'd be a lousy judge! Good thing I'm but a mere contestant (most times...when I meet due dates!).
    My PS entry is ready; just waiting for the light to improve for its photo op. Sneak review: I say 'silly'; my husband, 'cute' (that's often his response, though - and I appreciate it, even if 'elegant' or 'exquisite' is what I'm aiming for- which rarely happens anyway!). At least my little 'birdie patterned' paper had an outing!

    Hope you have a wonderful, crafty Sunday!! I'll be pondering (for several days!), the TAWS 'design & details dilemma' - good thing the due date is March 1.
    *Talk* to you soon.

  3. beautiful! i must admit this inspiration challenge threw me for a loop at first, too! thanks for playing along with us at TAWS Be Inspired 22:)

  4. gorgeous!!! you can consider it 'pulled off'! i love your background and the strip of washi. great interpretation of the inspiration photo!

  5. I think you NAILED this card! The use of the Awesome Blossom set in the background, and that pop of color is perfect. I can't wait to see more cards from you using your TAWS stamps.

  6. Oh my! I wrote you a note last night, pressed send, turned off my laptop, “assumed” all was well, and, returning, realize nope! By-passed the encryption step ! I’ll blame the snow for addling my brain, as well as ‘things happen in threes’ – two due dates missed, and then this. Yikes!! So, here’s a cobbled message of previous note and new responses…
    I’m so appreciative you note the wee details in my card. I’m glad the ‘checkered’ face passed! The pearls – last minute addition! “Balance” – that’s what was missing prior to including them! Good to know I had a ‘sense’ of something being ‘out of whack’ even if I couldn’t properly name it. Must be learning something as I fumble along….
    Your Case Study card: will be stunning, plus you’ll showcase some PS/TAWS in a most unique fashion. Suspense – fully activated…
    Your ‘product reviews’ are A+++! I can spend hours (wait…I do spend hours!), dithering over choices (PS, TAWS, paper, blah, blah, blah…), and then wind up with decisions I wish I could reverse (yeah…a few purchases still have me scratching my head), or no decisions at all!! ‘Abundant’ choice truly is double-edged – all or none! Your ‘experienced’ recommendations narrow down the field and provide focus. I’m (slowly!) realizing I don’t need everything from everybody. As you previously mentioned: PS and TAWS suit your style, so no need to branch beyond their products. Hello Carol – listening? As a ‘fan’ of the products of one ‘key’ site, I find my ‘loyalty’ shifting : PS and TAWS. The best part: that decision sees me feeling more ‘settled’ than the frenzied ‘want’ of this, that and the other. Of course, being that my PS and TAWS collections are - well, ziltch -I still have the ‘new stuff’ anticipation to look forward to!! Lottery…need a lottery.
    Chubby Chums and Zoo Crew ordered (niece/nephew in mind), with Flap Happy and Space Cadet sitting in my cart. I’m pondering some dies – large hot spot and the Butterflies. What’s your strategy for ordering – lots of little $3 shipping ones, or big ones for $8? Your suggestions of Reflections and Sentiment Sampler are also on the table. Since my ink supply is minimal (can you say ‘black’), I’m leaning to stamps that can be paper-pieced; I have a vast sentiment collection (from the ‘other’ company), and while not as funky as PS, I can’t (yet) justify adding more. What’s your view on the dies??
    TAWS: Awesome Blossom in the cart, scoping out suggestions on tap. Thank you for offering to share your list! By the way: what kind of paper do you use most often, both card-stock and patterned?? You’re such a good source; best ‘educator’ award heading your way!!
    Aunty = right on! We’ll see my family later this week (Week off for me: Family Day, plus a “break” for students, followed by Teachers’ Convention. Since I’m a ‘resigned’ – not retired - teacher (long story. Very.), I don’t attend convention, even though I still work with the school district. My husband has meetings to attend, so whilst he deals with ‘business’, I’ll be in full Aunty mode. My card-making may be compromised a smidge, but that’s okay; visiting the ‘little ones’ is the Best. Reason. Ever. Cherishing the magical moments: Yes!
    Chores + card-making – day’s plan. I made an anniversary card for my brother and sister-in-law (niece& nephew’s mom & dad) that I may post. No challenge connection, unless by some wild stretch it qualifies as “Vintage and Chic” (hahahaha) for the A Blog Named Hero challenge. I’ll give it some thought and wait for your review.. I’m thinking not, but…
    Have a fantastic day! As for your weekends dedicated to card-making: relish those opportunities to engage in your passion, and to share your ‘gifts’ with us! They’re appreciated and valued – by those who receive them in real life, and those who receive them ‘virtually.’ Treasures come in many ways…

  7. Fabulous card! I love that green background!

  8. Oh My! I looked at this challenge and thought 'too hard', but you have rocked it. I love how you have added the pop of pink with the butterfly! Thanks for visiting my blog and for your sweet comments, you have totally made my day!

  9. Ooh.... You did nail this.. I just adore your style and am loving what you did with the inspirational photo.. Eekkk!! So fun.. I can't wait to see what you make next.. Thanks do joining TAWS BE inspired challenge. Can't wait to see what you do with the next one..

  10. Be careful - being a random winner on a BE Inspired challenge got me totally hooked on The Alley Way Stamps!!! This challenge WAS a challenge, wasn't it?? But I very much like the way you have pulled the bright colors into the center of your card!! Thanks for joining us at The Alley Way Stamps BE Inspired challenge!

  11. THANK YOU SOOO much for this amazing creation! I just got it in the mail and it totally made my DAY! :) Just posted it to FB on TAWS.. but I can't find you to tag you.. hugs

  12. It's so pretty! I LOOOOOOOOOOVEEEEEE the butterfly and the green and black swirly thing and the blue button!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. This is so stunning!! Love your take on the photo inspiration!
    Thanks for sharing and playing along with TAWS Be Inspired Challenge :)


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