Monday, February 11, 2013

Think Pink ~ and Happy Chinese New Year!


Sneaking a little card into the Play Date Cafe challenge for this week.  Just a little simple guy to go along with the colour story : cranberry, raspberry and petal.  Birds and hearts are Paper Smooches, sentiment is TAWS.  I just love, love the little tiny word sentiments!

Here's the inspiration:

and the card...

We're off to celebrate Chinese New Year with my husband's family.  New Year's was actually yesterday, but from what I understand, the celebration goes on for two weeks.  I really enjoy learning about my husband's culture through the festivities.  Although I must say that I think I enjoy it more than he does.  Growing up here in Canada, he is very much accustomed to the Canadian way of life and tends to gravitate toward that.   For him the New Years celebrations seem less of an experience than for me, but as long as there's a table full of food (and there always is!), he's happy to celebrate!

Gung Hey Fat Choy!


  1. How adorable are these little birds - and in pink!! Sweet!! Speaking of which: THANK YOU for your awesome comment on my blog! You definitely made me feel positive about taking the plunge - nerves combined with excitement; anxiety, with anticipation - ran through the gamut! At one point I almost pressed delete, and now, in retrospect - because of YOUR comment, I'm glad I didn't! Yes, my first PS entry was a tad zany, but they are quite cute in 'real life. I figure that since I'm 'such' a beginner, I have plenty of room for improvement...plenty, as in a universe full!!

    Finding your site and, in turn, 'meeting' you has been sheer delight! You are a gem! Enjoy celebrating Chinese New Year (two weeks' worth - nice!!) with your husband's family. I can only imagine how thrilled they are to have you in their midst!
    Off to tinker with some cards - maybe even get one posted later. Hmmmm...I think your challenge fever is contagious!! Looking forward to your next little masterpiece!!
    Gung Hey Fat Choy!

  2. Super sweet CAS card! Love the pink on the kraft! Thanks for playing at The Play Date Cafe.

  3. such a sweet card, i love the simple images and that adorable sentiment. Thanks for joining us in the Play Date Cafe!
    -Rachel w k


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