Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Happy Couple


Just a quick little post today.  It's SPARKS challenge time again :)  It's a "Cool Shades" challenge this time around.  I mulled this one over for a bit, but as soon as I spotted one of my absolute favourite images ever from Paper Smooches, it was settled.  I was going to use the chick from Spring Fling.  I don't think this little chick could be any more adorable! 

Here's the colour scheme - called Carnival:

And my card:

After the card was all put together, I realized that the pink I used was a little off from the pink in the colour pallette, but I think they will forgive me ;)

Have a good day!


  1. EEKK!! Too cute!!!! I love the birdies...

  2. With each card you share, I'm more convinced: you are a creative genius! Love how you transformed the chick into a Mr & Mrs, and her little bouquet is pure sweetness!! "Marrying" them with the Carnival palette is just...brilliant! Newlyweds would be delighted to receive this, and I could also see them in 'small' size; perhaps as 'place settings' at a reception, invitations to bridal showers. Oh, the possibilities...

    Thank you immensely for your comment on my "Grammy or Super Baba" card. Fun to make, but oh, a stretch indeed; had to call in the reinforcements - spellbinders - for some help! Another is going up later (when the lighting for my woeful photography improves) for whoever 'doesn't' get this first card. Sneak review: more flowers and butterflies...
    Hmmm...Spring Fling may be heading into my PS cart! Hope the 'first' order arrives soon...anticpation escalating!

    Looking forward to hearing from you when you have a chance. Have a fantastic day, challenge and frustration-free. As for the recital later on: more 'cherished moments' in the making. Enjoy immensely!

  3. This is so adorable and such a great use of the colours (I'm sure they won't be too harsh if the pink isn't as bright lol).

  4. The little chick reminds me of Chicken Little. I love this card! Such a great take on the colors. The big bow tie, heart, flower. Everything is just so cute! Thanks for always stopping by my blog and for your sweet comments on my blog. You really are sweet.

  5. Two notes as bookends to my day – thank you – and they’re made all the more special since you’re doing so in the midst of a busy schedule. Little ‘drop ins’ like these certainly go the distance in making a person feel valued! Your thoughtfulness and heart-warming nature are unparalleled! I’m delighted to hear that your day held bright spots – for you, as well as your co-worker and niece. Hmmm…seems to me that the ‘common thread’ running through their ‘plus moments’ involve YOU! Yes *nods head* you have a positive presence in the lives of many people – and I’m delighted to be included in that mix!
    Yesterday’s card-making was ‘one of those days’ – ideas ‘seemed’ okay, but the execution and final outcome wound up as ‘that’s not what I ‘meant’ it to look like.’ The freebies really do tax one’s creativity – and given what little I have, whew…exhausting! Let’s say a lot of (theraputic) fussy cutting took place, however, I’m not sure the physical reward was as positive as the mental! I may post them later. They’re PS and TAWS ‘attempts’ – TAWS may be just a post not linked to the challenge, as I still have until month’s end to design something, well…challenge-worthy. The PS card may experience a similar fate, as the freebies I selected aren’t quite as ‘focal’ as I intended. Still, I have two kinda-sorta cutesy cards – and that counts for something!
    We’re off traveling in the next 90 minutes, so I’m not sure if I’ll get my Muse+RetroSketches entry up before I go. If not, hopefully I can nudge my dad (gently, gently) from his computer later this evening to post. I haven’t decided if any card-making supplies will sneak into my luggage. My schedule – especially the aunty time (yayyy…..) – seems quite full. Decisions, decisions…Fingers crossed my PS stamps arrive while we’re away! Oh yes – remember my magazine win from Moxie Fab? Turns out they don’t ship prizes outside of the US, so I’ll be receiving a digital copy, likely Monday. Whatever the case, I’m delighted. I know I’ll learn something from the tips and techniques they offer, but in the grand scheme of things, YOU have been my greatest ‘teacher’ in this journey.
    While your cards are ‘lessons’ in and of themselves, your way of treating people – those ‘little comments’ that mean so much – has been…well, marvellous! It’s so easy to exist within our own little universes – but you don’t. You reach out, and you touch lives. And that, Shannon, means you are living an ‘adventurous life’ even if you’re not traveling physical distances, or taking wild-‘n-crazy risks. Adventures really are about the people you meet along the way. I’ll close with the sentiment I tried to work with yesterday: you do ‘add a {LOT of} colour to every day.’ THANK YOU!!
    Have a wonderful Thursday, filled with turquoise, and raspberry, and sunshine yellow….

  6. Just a quick little note to wish you a splendid Happy Friday. My day is already sparkling and cheerful thanks to your wonderful note! I'll be back with more later.

  7. Oh what a sweet couple!! Love the CAS design and how you used the colours...great proportions :0)
    Jenny x

  8. So utterley sweet and cute, Shannon ... fabulous subtle colours and love all the open space. The pearl on the little bouquet is perfect! Anita :)

  9. Wishes again for a Saturday filled with family, friends, and of course, card-making!! I managed to get a card posted - and not much else! I can't believe how time flies when I'm at "home" visiting with my folks and especially, being Aunty. We're off to 'sport-ball' later this afternoon with my niece and brother. Too. Much. Fun. The 'coach' is amazing with the activities he has planned to introduce the 'little 'uns' to the basics of various 'ball' sports. Whenever he shows them something new, he closes with "Just like that." So, in the spirit of 'sport-ball as my inspiration - teamwork, earning new skills and techniques, applauding the efforts of others - I'll fire off this note with a reminder of how awesome, caring and all-around wonderful you are. You're a treasure!

  10. I'm going to give this to you when you and Dave get married! *hint hint* ;)

  11. This is too cute! Love how you used the chick image here. Thanks for joining us for the Paper Smooches SPARKS challenge.

  12. sooo stinkin' cute! i love the facial expressions on PS stamps...they're so funny/cute. hard to resist!

  13. SUPER SUPER cute! I absolutely love your use of these colors! LOOOOOOOOVE the hints of blue/red with the cream chicks! CLEVER!!!! THANKS for joining in the fun and playing along with us over at the Paper Smooches SPARKS challenge-- I hope you join in the fun with this week's challenge {picture perfect}!!!


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