Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Big 5-0


One of my co-workers asked me if I would make a card for her 3 year old niece's birthday.  A perfect excuse to play along with this week's Retro Sketch #50

Here's this week's sketch:

And the card:

It's a Paper Smooches and TAWS combo.  The little flowers and the sentiment/font are from Paper Smooches and the adorable butterfly is from TAWS.

Thanks for coming back to see me!


  1. Hey Shannon! Thanks so much for stopping by and saying hello! I'm so glad that you did because it led me here and're work is amazing! I love your CAS fun & whimsical style! As soon as I post my comment I am heading to your side bar to sign up as a follower!

  2. My oh my! All your cards are amazing, but this one is absolutely 'bee-utiful.' I'm smitten - totally! As an Aunt to an almost 3 year old, I can say, with all the aunty-authority vested in me, she ‘d thrilled with this card! All day, she'd tote it around, hugging it (trying to take off the little bee-tterfly), giving it smooches, keeping it close. Your co-worker's niece will be delighted. Guaranteed you'll hear details about how much your little piece of art was welcomed and quickly loved!

    CONGRATS on the card publication at PS! Celebrity status = official! Deserved - well deserved! I read your comment (gracious and humble!), and left one as well. Yes, my 'crystal ball' predicts more requests coming your way.

    My TAWS comment (sighhh…blushing – mightily). Yes, 'crazy woman' was an apt description! Too funny! Certainly not a stellar piece of writing, however, given the challenge, I couldn't resist. I comment – ofte – mainly to let people know that what they do 'matters' and has value. Amazing things can happen as a result - like 'meeting' you! Yesterday, another ‘noticed’ event occured: one of my comments was a Paper Craft Connection Winner Wednesday selection. Stamping It 3 Ways headed my way! Truly, I need to reign in my commenting/card-site browsing. Too many comments = too little time to craft. The result - as you'll see if you check my blog - I missed a due date for A Blog Named Hero's paper-piecing challenge! D-uh! Then again, the card wasn't that great, even though the process netted some valuable lessons (as in digi stamps can be tough to work with!). TAWS is up, on schedule. One out of two...

    Tonight's goal: card for Retro Sketches. Before I go, a quick epiphany about what makes your cards ultra special. I alluded to it with your Sympathy card: your awareness of 'audience.' We can 'tell' or 'sense' that your cards are made for someone, to mark a significant event or milestone. Even 'Bump' has a 'person + event on the receiving end, despite not knowing 'who,' precisely. Because you create your cards for 'people,' first - and the challenge, second - they resonate. That dimension of 'caring' about who you're creating for - makes all the difference! Yep - you're awesome.

    I'll muse about who will be on the 'other side' of my RS card. A person-focus + ‘reason.’ Thanks, 'teach'...

    Finally, a bit of ‘math’ back at you: I remember being your age - about 12 years ago! I am proof that 'you CAN teach an old dog, new tricks' (they just learn more slowly!)
    Have a fantastic, Valentine-filled evening!

  3. This is simply so sweet! I just love that bee and you have spotlighted TAWS perfectly. I can't wait to ink mine up. I have been so inspired by everyone it's so fun to see what people do. Thank you for your sweet comments on my cards. You are such a doll.

  4. In the event I’ve been remiss in telling you of late, and at the risk of being repetitive (sometimes repetition is a ‘good’ thin)g: your comments absolutely, totally and 100% brighten my day! I’m thrilled you notice the ‘little’ details I try to incorporate, in hopes of adding some ‘oomph’ to an otherwise seemingly ‘meh’ showing. So, thank you for noting the cupcake’s rosy, plumpy cheeks! A dab of pink chalk ink (how I acquired that, I have no idea! Must have been a ‘whim’ purchase, but I’m glad I did. A few cheeks have been blushed up as a result) and a Q-tip applicator, and ta dahhhh…cutesy accomplished. Although he’s only one, and has no idea of ‘stuff’ yet, I hope that when he’s older he’ll like it. He and my niece – turning three just 9 days before his first birthday – are such incredible gifts! Being an Aunty is the Best. Job. Ever! I wish we lived closer – although if we did, I’d probably drive them crazy with ‘Aunty’s here…again...’ dropping in – but, ‘absence makes the heart grow fonder.’ We’ll be seeing them next weekend. Can’t wait!!
    Thank you also for the compliments on the purple + green card. Good intentions; no clock-watching/time zone skills. Yeesh – twice this week due dates missed! At least I have an engagement card, and in a short while, one for PS. Fingers crossed my order arrives soon! The digis are adorable, however, the out-of-the box thinking really zaps my creativity – and sometimes in a zany way (as evidenced by the fleet of polka dot mini cards last week…all of whom have destinations decided, already! Yayyy….). As for TAWS: I want to play, too! Depends – again – on what the digi + paper stash + idea adds up to. Paisley paper, paisley stamps; neon inks, neon paper - my want list continues to lengthen! I already have another order almost ready to send to PS; I haven’t committed yet because I want to know when/if the Butterfly 3 dies will be back in stock soon. I love dies…love ‘em. Any recommendations for TAWS ‘must haves’? My collection needs a TAWS infusion, too.
    My husband went for a long, long bike ride today, so in his absence, I went for a walk, took the vacuum out and ‘thought’ about using it, did some cleaning (sort of), and worked on cards!! All in all, time well spent!
    Looking forward to seeing your new cards! Eye candy and inspiration, for sure! More play time for you? Check out Case Study #128…you could SO do something awesome with this.

  5. well, this card just makes me hapbee! so sweet. i love the more subtle colors. great design

    PS. You should make a card with a fish balloon on it ;P


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