Monday, February 04, 2013

Christmas in...February?!


I just updated my Flickr page with all of the cards I've posted to my blog since it came to life on January 1st.  My very first post included two of my Christmas 2012 tags, but in posting to flickr, I realized that I hadn't posted the rest of my Christmas tags.  Thought I would take a second to post them.  They are all Paper Smooches and The Alley Way Stamps combos.  Please pardon the very poor quality photos!


Merry February!


  1. Delightful tags showcasing the super cuteness of TAWS and PS stamps. I need to order some of these - your tags are nudging me (okay, pushing me) in that direction...
    Thank you so much for sharing and inspiring!! Looking forward to a collection of Valentine tags from you...Have a great Tuesday!!

    1. You are just so sweet! Thank you SO much for always taking the time to leave me comments. You always put so much thought into them, and they always make me smile! Are you going to be starting that blog of yours soon?! ;) Shannon xx


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