Thursday, July 25, 2013

All in One!


Day 4, Week 3 over at the Summer Card Camp class.  That means just one more day :(  Man oh man has this class been incredible!  If you are a beginner or a seasoned card maker, there is seriously something for everyone.  I learned so much during the last few weeks and each day came with so much inspiration and so many ah-ha moments!  It certainly got me to stretch myself from my regular style and I attempted some cards that I would have never otherwise made.

Today was challenge day!  And the challenge was to go outside the box - make a card in a style outside your comfort zone.  I felt okay with this challenge, since that is what I have been trying to do for the most of the class.  The colour palette alone this week is outside of my comfort zone!  I decided to use Sketch #2 as well, but took a few artistic liberties!  Since this is the first card I have made for class this week (dog ate my homework??!), I tried to use as many of the techniques and inspiration from the entire week that I could.

Here's the card:

I made this for my Mom's birthday coming up this week.  It does say Happy Birthday inside the card!  The purple did throw me for a bit of a loop at first, but I found a way to incorporate it in without being too over the top.  The Mom in light purple was stamped from a Lawn Fawn set, and the second, overlaid turquoise Mom was another one of my DYI's.  The I Love You is from one of my favourite sentiment sets from Avery Elle.  I have no idea who makes the patterned paper, but it is so pretty.  I got it in a class I took recently at a local store, and it was pre-cut.  It was actually a copic colouring class, and card assembly was optional.  I decided just to bring the pre-cut pieces home and use them on something else - and I thought it worked well with this card.

That's it for me today.  Hope you're having an awesome day!!


  1. Awesome card, Shannon! Your mom is going to really like this because it's so cute! I like the Lawn Fawn sentiment! :)

  2. Hard to believe class is nearly done, isn't it! As for you - so many gorgeous 'homework' creations; your 'stretches' have been wonderful! And this - oh my goodness, your mom will be delighted, impressed, tickled 'purple' and overall thrilled with this! She will LOVE this 'made for her, one of a kind' card: beautiful (that yellow butterfly with the pearl - the signature Shannon-special touch)), thoughtful, heart-warming! Truly lovely!!!

  3. Shannon - Love your card. I really like the way you did mom in two different colors and the addition of the vellum. Nice work - luck mom to get this beautiful card.

  4. Shannon, you've done an outstanding job on this card! Beautiful!

  5. It's been fun seeing your enthusiasm for the class, Shannon, and watching all your creativity. This card is so beautiful! Your mother is going to treasure it!!

  6. I am certain that your Mother will love this. It's gorgeous!

  7. Layering the "mom" is such a cool idea and so effective! I'm actually quite a fan of purple (on cards) so I really like how it looks - especially with the nice contrast of the yellowish colored butterfly! The twine looks awesome paired with the velum paper!

    You have definitely earned an A+ in this class....even with the misfortune of having that "darn dog" eating your homework :) :) :)

  8. OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I just love this! I love the colors and the die cuts and the twine... love the paper too! AMAZING! Fab job with this class-- I'm jealous I didn't take it (wish I had more time!)!!! Maybe I can take a class in the future:)

    ps...thanks for all of your sweet comments on my blog while I was away-- you made my day!!! THANKS for the smiles and hugs <3

  9. ps... HAPPY birthday to your mom! I know she will LOVE this card <3


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