Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Summer Camp Class Day 3!


Day 3 today of Summer Camp Class!!!!  This week is focussed on three sketches and one colour palette.  Honestly, at the start of the week, I thought I would quickly tire of using the same colours every day.  But that hasn't been the case.  Each day brings a new challenge, and new inspiration to see the colours in another light.   Today was also full of inspiration from guest artists.  My card today is inspired almost entirely by Laura Bassen's video.  I used sketch #2 again (I'm struggling with #1, but I am determined to use that sketch before the week is through!).

Inspiration from Laura:
- use paper scrap stash to create the panels
- colour bling with copics to match them to your card (who knew?!!)
     - I'm not a big fan of the gems, so I only used a little one on the stork's bag, but had to try this out!
- stitching (I couldn't stitch or sew if my life depended on it, so I had to go with faux!)

Inspiration from Kristina Werner:
- selective inking (she did this on day 1 with her bee antennae, I did it for my stork's feet)
- stitching as well - she did some faux too - phew, I feel better!

And here's the card:

Obviously not a birthday card, so I didn't get a chance to complete the fifth birthday card for my Mom.  But maybe I will have some success with that pesky sketch #1 later and will be able to complete her "order"!

Thanks for the visit!
Shannon :)


  1. You CAN do it, Shannon! You CAN! This card is adorable! I love that I will have your inspiration cards at hand when I've got some time to take the class! I was going to finish Inked first, but now ... (Don't you adore Laura?!)

  2. Cute, cute! Great selections in your stamps and patterned papers.

  3. ADORABLE!! How darling/sweet/cute+++ is this card! Only incredibly so!! Like you, I thoroughly enjoyed Lauren's video (the part of finding a 3 month camp for her kids had me snickering!) immensely, and using up scraps like this is only toooo smart! I actually did a quick search for sewing machines for card purposes, that's how enthused I am - until I realized I couldn't thread such a creature, never mind use it! Faux stitching it will be (or better yet, those on some of the dies I have!). LOVE this!! Another run-around day: need to get a card made (guess what, I'm 'this close' to using coloured inks on my stamps. Eek!)

  4. Your card is adorable. One gem is all it took. Painting those things is genius. I like your faux stitching, I am not a big fan of the real stuff, just don't tell anyone!

  5. VERY CUTE!!!!!!!!!!! :)(Fellow camper!) :)

  6. Hey, there! I love your stork! What a great card! I like your "stitching," too. :) Hope you're enjoying camp as much as I am.

  7. This is adorable!!! Love your faux stitching!

  8. Perfect CAS card! I absolutely love how adorable this is! I may have to CASE it as I need a baby card this week!

  9. Wow Shannon - you are acing your projects! A+++++ in my books!

    Awesome faux stitching...seriously thought it was actually hand stitched! I admire your steady hand and perfect spacing between 'stitches'!

    Perfectly 'blinged' as well! Love where you placed the wee gem! Yummy DP too :)

  10. SOOOOOOOOO cute! I love this card! It's perfect for a little girl- great color combo! I really need to take this class! LOVE! And I love that you said you can't stitch! I love that you did a faux stitching instead:)

    THANKS for stopping by my blog-- your comment totally made my day! BLESSINGS <3

  11. This is really a great card! Well done!

  12. I thought the same thing about using the same colours all week, but I've been managing to change them up a little...
    I love your sweet, sweet card-- it's darling!

  13. Fabulous card! Looks like you've been having fun with the class. Thanks for the posts. I love seeing what you've done! :)

  14. Love your stork! What an adorable card!

  15. Super sweet card, love the way you used the colors of the week. See you in class!


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