Sunday, July 14, 2013

TAWS Be Inspired - And I was!


It has been way too long since I've had a chance to play the TAWS Be Inspired Challenge.  So I put my Summer Camp projects on hold for just a tiny bit to make a little something for this challenge. 

Here's the inspiration photo:

And here's my card:

Even though it was a bit tedious, I had a ton of fun making this card.  Yup, I punched out all of those grey scale circles in the background and glued them, one by one to the card.  I did the same thing for the little bird, using yellows and a pink tone.  After taking the Summer Camp lessons this week, I realized that I should not have tossed all of that vellum paper I had years ago, thinking the trend was so over!  It is back - big!  When I was assembling the card, I realized that a vellum speech bubble was just what I needed to finish off the card.  So I took a quick trip to Michael's to grab some, came home and did just that! 

And that's it.  A card I would have never made had it not been for these awesome challenges and classes!

Hope you like it!
And hope you're having a good day!
Shannon xo


  1. Goodness what a lot of patience you have! But I love the look of all those circles - especially on the bird! She's so colorful! Thanks for joining us at the TAWS BE Inspired challenge!

  2. What a cutie pie that bird.

  3. This is fabulous Shannon! Just goes to show that hard work pays off...this is awesome! Thanks SO much for joining us at TAWS BE Inspired Challenge!!

  4. We're getting close to heading off but first priority this morning: checking in to see your always-astounding creations...and you always deliver!! From the dots (patience+++), to the darling bird, to the vellum bubble: totally a cutie-patootie creation! LOVE it!!

  5. Shannon, you did such a fabulous job on this adorable card! I can't believe you glued down all those dots!! I agree with you that the vellum bubble is just the right touch to finish it off!!

  6. Seriously, you punched and glued every single one of those dots? Ah, a girl after my own heart! Tedious work but isn't just the best feeling when you're done! Have to say, it was well worth the time and the effort because this is amazing! Your lines are so perfectly straight. Love the wee dotted bird too - he looks so happy a midst the other dots!!!

    How's the eye? I was just outside for less than 10 minutes - it is unbearable! I am almost to the point where I would welcome the town to fog....not quite, but almost there...


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