Sunday, July 21, 2013

2/5 Already?!!


I just can't believe we are on Week 2 Day 5 in the Summer Card Camp!  Just one more week to go :(  On Friday, some new colour combos were introduced to work with.  I chose to use hot pink, grey, light blue, orange and white (second combo from the top on the left hand side).  I also took inspiration from Kelly Rasmussen, one of the guest artists to create my card.

And here's what I came up with:

Just a little post from me today.  Looking back on my recent posts, this may be a relief to many!  I have been a big blabber mouth lately and my posts have been about a thousand words too long!!  No promises that short and sweet will continue, so enjoy it while it lasts!  Ha ha!!

Have a fabulous Sunday!


  1. Hahaha, now take it from a REAL blabber-mouth, Shannon, your posts are not too long, leastways not to me! I adore this card! I've just enjoyed myself scrolling back over the posts I've missed and you have really outdone yourself on the class homework! I hope to finally get started this week. I feel hopelessly behind, but all your cards are inspiring me!!

  2. This card ROCKS!! I LOVE all the little details and how you put them together!! Fabulous take on the challenge!!

  3. Love your gorgeous card - all the details look fab! xx

  4. Wow - you did it again! Love the splatter, love the perfectly placed elements, love the colors and love how the "celebrate" pops right off the page! Another A+++++++ young lady!

    As for the posts, personally, I LOVE reading your posts and honestly, I don't think that they have been too long :)

  5. I just LOVE your style. Your cards all say, SHANNON did this! And I love it.

  6. Love these clustered goodies! Awesome design!

  7. LOVE this - another one parachuted into the Top 5 of my favourites from you! Geri's spot on: splatter, perfectly placed sentiments, colours - this is truly a card to *celebrate*! Stunning, eye-catching, inspiring (the speech bubbles were one of my deliveries while in Bend!), and all-around awesome! Whether you're stepping outside your comfort zone, or showcasing your signature style, everything you create is wonderfully special, wonderfully delightfully, wonderfully "you"!! Love this x 1,000000000!!!

  8. I love your mix of shapes, wood and patterns!!


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