Sunday, July 14, 2013

Summer Card Class - Catch up: The Artsy Look


I'm just catching up on a few things that I wanted to complete for Summer Card Class, Week 1, which I just didn't have a chance to get to until now.  My card today was inspired by one of the guest designers for the class from Day 2 - Tami Hartley.  I just loved her card, and her style.  Even though I tend to lean toward "cute" in a lot of my cards, I do like to try my hand at the artsy look now and then.  I don't feel like it's a natural style for me, but I wish it was, because I LOVE it!!

Here's what I came up with:

I used the colour palette for week one.  The blue background was actually inspired by the technique Shari Carrol shared, also on Day 2, which had me drooling a bit!  Shari used Gelatos (I need some of these!) with water and dragged the colours downward to create a very  cool watercoloured background.  I do have some watercolour crayons, and attempted to create a similar look with them, but it was a bit of a *fail*!!!  So I tried something else.  I took my blue ink pad and dragged it from top to bottom, just like Shari did with her stamp and gelatos, and I really liked the result.  I decided to drag the ink pad across the paper too, to get a little bit of a criss-cross effect.  Then I stamped the flowers from Casual Fridays Stamps, Truth Is set.  I used yellow/orange embossing powder to "colour" the petals, and I also scattered the embossing powder onto the blue background to make it look like it was pollen floating in the air.  I then took a Sharpie, just like Tami did, and outlined the stamped image to really give it a bold look.  I used Liquid Paper (don't ask me why we have this in our house, but it worked like a charm!) to create the painted dot look.  I ran my white gel pen along the black stems of the flowers, added the happy birthday, the xo's (to balance the card out a bit) and the black twine.  And one artsy card was complete!

Hope you enjoyed seeing something a little different!  I really did enjoy making it!


  1. Artsy, love it and still cute! Your style is so AWESOME! The white on the left makes it for me!!

  2. Artsy, indeed! I think this is definitely one of your styles that you showcase superbly! Flower, colours, layout = eye-catching, jaw-dropping stunning! Your background turned out amazing; a clever adaptation of Shari's style! of these days I need to try backgrounds - and you've inspired me to give this a go (gelatos in my hands would surely result in a mess!!). Yes, another piece of gorgeous artsy-art!!

  3. Wow - all the different and oh so clever treatments that you used goes beyond artsy! Liquid paper, perfect tracing with a black liner, the amazing dots of pollen, your resourcefulness in improvising with an ink goodness, if DaVinci were here, we would certainly have to wipe the drool of his chin when he spotted the results of your creative endeavor!

    Amazing display of creativity!


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