Sunday, July 14, 2013

Ten Minute Challenge and my Film Debut that never was...


This is my third post today - if you'd like to see the others, just scroll down :)

Today I did two things I never thought I'd do:
1.  I did the ten minute challenge for my Summer Camp 2 homework (although it took me 15 mins!)
2. I filmed it!!!

Okay, I will first start by saying that this is NOT one of my favourite cards.  But I love it anyway, because I broke out of my comfort zone and went for it, even though I was a bit on the terrified side to do it.

The under ten minute challenge came out on Thursday (and yup, it took until today for me to work my nerve up to do it!) and a whole set of new colour combos came out on Friday.  So I decided to use one of these combos to make the card.  The colours that I chose were grey, coral, hot pink, yellow and sea foam green (at least those were the colours on my screen!). 

As I said, I am certainly not in love with this card.  I went way too heavy on the sea foam green and it just doesn't look complete to me.  But I'm so glad I gave it a try!

Here's the card:

Now for the BAD NEWS!  I filmed the video on my iPhone and can't seem to upload it :( .  I'm such an amateur!  So disappointing!  So much for my movie debut!  ha ha!!  You didn't miss much - 15 minutes of unedited raw video with about a thousand "um's" in it!

Thank you so much for checking it out!!!  See all of my fellow summer campers in school tomorrow!


  1. A sweet, darling card, with an awesome colour combo is all I see in this card, so you must be 'not in love' with something else, because it can't be this one! It's way, way, waaayyyyy too amazing! Added 'pat on the back' for making it within the 10-minute challenge and filming. Even if the upload didn't work ('ll figure it out, for sure) your courage in doing so means a huge round of applause! Looking forward to seeing you 'in the movies' soon!! Day-brightening cards, every single one!!

  2. You are way too hard on yourself, Shannon. You're doing a brilliant job with the class homework! At least you are taking the class and trying to keep up. Some of us (ahem) have paid for the class and have yet to open the screen - aacckk!! I'm so sorry that your movie debut didn't get uploaded for all the world to see! I'm afraid I'm no help at all with that!!

  3. That card is so cute! I think the green looks great with the card! I really like the pink tag and arrows that you added. Great job on the 10 minute craft dash!! :)

  4. Honestly, the green looks awesome! Not too much at all! I think it is the perfect backdrop for the other colors, which likely would not have popped quite so much without the green! You achieved a very well balanced look that doesn't deter from the somewhat 'splish splash' feel that you have created! A+++++++ again young lady!

  5. Super cute Shannon! Love the belly on that critter!
    Your tag paper is luscious my dear!

    Smitten with the green swoosh-tastical!!! Whhhot Whooot!

  6. What a cutie-pie! I love your creative background. The whole card is fabulous.

  7. #1 - don't be too hard on ye old self
    #2 - i looooove the layout
    #3 - the wash of minty green is perfect!


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