Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Summer Camp Class Day 2!


Oh wow, I am loving this class!  Today is Day 2, just the beginning, and already I have learned so much and am making cards that I never would have otherwise.  I love how it's allowed me to stretch myself and think outside my box.   And the gallery is just full of amazing creations!

Today I used, of course, the required colour combo and this time I went with Sketch #3.  I used Jennifer's technique for stamping multiple colours using one stamp.  Originally, I tried it with masking, but masking a chevron, with all the angles, was a bit of a job!  So I changed my mind.  I went with some very old markers that I have for the blue, pink and orange and transferred the colour from the stamp to my paper.  I didn't have a yellow marker in the pack, so I used a yellow ink pad for that one.  BUT, I didn't do any masking.  I just ran the pad along the top chevron line and stamped it.  The previous three chevrons were already "imperfect" and I kind of liked the look, so slopping on the yellow ink gave me a similar effect.  I did mask at both ends though to give me clean lines at the end of the chevrons.

Then I added a few solid hearts stamped in the magenta, and then doodled some black lines around the heart to "artsy" them up a bit!  I wanted the look to compliment the artsy look that came out in the chevrons.  Finished off by heat embossing white on black paper - same thing I did yesterday :)  But I think the pop of black really sets a nice tone for the bright colours.

Enough blabbering...here's the card!

That's four cards done for my Mom now, just one to go!
Hope you like it!


  1. Great job on using that sketch and combining this week's colors. This is such a happy card!

  2. A perfectly "artsy" card! I love the colors and the splash of black!

  3. Yes, I think it's very contemporary and, yes, "artsy"!

  4. WOW! I've done, oh...20 close-ups of your stunning card and each time, I see more to LOVE, LOVE and LOVE! "Slopping on yellow" - the 'visual' of you doing that makes me laugh! Nothing messy here; only gorgeous, "artsy,' and thoroughly day-brightening delightful! You are rockin' school, my dear friend!! I don't have any 'big stamps' to try the varied colour/masking technique, but I have borders so once again, you've INSPIRED!! Have a most excellent wonderful Wednesday!

  5. Hey stranger! I'm back from my wee holiday and almost caught up with cleaning our flooded basement and catching up on yard work....plus I was missing my blog visits so much that I figured enough work - time for some play!

    Love how you stamped the chevrons! The beautifully 'imperfect' images give the card such a whimsical feel and work perfectly with the funky heart images! Love how you angled the edge of the sentiment banner to match the chevrons!

    Did a quick stroll through your blog to see what I missed - everything is sooooooo pretty and creative!

  6. Great job on the sketch! I love this!

  7. OH MY! This is a FABULOUS card-- LOVE LOVE LOVE the chevrons and white space! FAB use of these colors and sketch! LOOOOOOOOVE x100000!

  8. Well Hello Shannon! Just popping in to see your current cute creativity! Love the cuteness. I am not the best at cuteness. Boldness maybe.. but cuteness, I leave it to the PROS like you!

    Hope your summer is splendid!


  9. FABULOUS! Love the multi colored chevrons and the black bday on top -- really looks wonderful!


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