Friday, November 08, 2013

I Just Couldn't Stay Away!


So I said yesterday that I was going to keep my break going for just a little while longer, but that I was already getting the itch!  Well, guess what I did right after I posted yesterday?!  I made two cards!  So I guess we can consider my break officially over!  Plus, even though my camera is not fixed, I realized from yesterday's post that my phone takes pictures just as well (if not better!) than my cheapy point and shoot!  I do have a bunch of photos of cards I made over the past month sitting on the old camera waiting to be downloaded - I will share those as soon as I do get around to dealing with that!!  But for now, I'm sharing the two cards I made yesterday.

Both are Christmas cards.  Before I show them, I want to encourage everyone, if you haven't already, to send in cards to the Caring Hearts Card Drive.  It is such a good cause!  I sent in five a month or so ago, and did photograph them, but of course they are sitting on the old camera waiting to downloaded!  I will share as soon as I can!  For my fellow Canadians, the organizers have made it even easier for you - Anita Recksiedler is collecting cards from Canadians!  This helps in the postage for sure!

And here are the cards:

Well, the camera quality might be better, but I can't say the same
for my photography skills!  Sorry for the giant shadow!!

I had a ton of fun putting card #1 together - it's a mix of TAWS and PS.  Card #2 was inspired by this week's CAS on Sunday Challenge (my first time entering!), and also by the amazing Kay Miller.  Have you seen here amazing PS cards?!!  You have to check out her blog! 

Hope you enjoyed the cards!  So glad to be back!  Have a good weekend, everyone!


  1. YAY! Christmas cards (that are adorable)!!!!! 47 days!!!!!

  2. These are so darn sweet and cute - just like you! One thing for sure, is I'm happy as ever that all this new fan-dangled technology created a phone that take pics so that you can share these two crafty creations with us!

    Did you stamp all the "Ho Ho Ho's" on the background paper? If so, woweeee! If not, where'd ya get the paper? The tattered edge is such a cool feature! I love the chevrons on the tag and that cute little kraft heart, sitting there so quietly, radiating love with each beat!

    CAS on Sunday....slam dunk, without-a-doubt WINNER!!! You really do need to apply for a DT or guest DT spot at PS and TAWS because your fun style suits their stamps perfectly! Little Mr. Snow Fellow is lovin' the limelight - just look at his heart glow! Great choice of DP and the colors you chose to work with it! Awesome sentiment choice - it totally works!

    Both cards are perfectly balanced, beautifully put together and really need to be in a magazine!!!

  3. Awesome you are back!!!! ....
    .....I must admit....ALL of by pics are taken with my iphone4s.
    I upload...however ( I cheat,) I own a photo enhance program where I can digitally change and lighten, etc...
    Oh anyways, so glad you are getting crafty!!!!

  4. WOW! You are back and the fireworks of creativity are sparkling here! These are awesome, and Geri's review captures all the highlights!! Shannon-special-touch hearts duly seen and noted!! Your card for Cas on Sunday: winner, winner! LOVE these; festive, fun and yes, magical!! Yayyy to the iphone for bringing your brilliant creations back to us! Now aside from your cards, I'm also applauding, loudly, that Geri - like someone else you know - thinks you should be on a DT, or at least become a GD. I'm excited to have another cheerleader who believes that 'Shannon's sparkles of delight' need to be showcased to a wider audience! You must, must, must heed our encouragement, because you totally rock. And speaking of DT opportunities, TAWS is looking...just sayin'... Fab cards; fabulous to have you back!!!

  5. Me again...your first card with the HoHoHo background is, I'm assuming, one that you stamped, sooooo...check out Just Us Girls challenge. Your card totally fits...head over, check it out, and add your sweetie Santa to the list. He's so dang cute...

  6. glad that you're back:) Both of your cards are absolutely darling!

  7. The last card is just so adorable! Love the snowman!

  8. They are both so cute!!! My fave is the snowman :)

  9. I LOVE that Santa head on the bright chevron tag. He's one of my fave images :) I've got an email to send you ;)


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