Sunday, February 16, 2014

Washi background


Trying out more new to me things today.  I saw a tutorial over on the WPlus9 blog on how to use washi tape with a diagonal stripe to create a background.  I LOVED the idea, because I have had this roll of washi tape for months (Wal-mart purchase) which I adore, but can not make it look like it belongs on anything!!  So I gave it a shot.

Here's my card:

Ironically, I didn't use any WPlus9 sets on this.  The angel and the cloud are Mama Elephant, the "thank you" is PS and the "for being there" is spelled out using Lawn Fawn's Milo's ABCs.  I do love how the washi background turned out, but two downsides for me - it wasn't quite as simple as I was hoping it would be to get the lines to match up - I was straining my eyes every time, and, although it is subtle, you can see where the lines where the pieces of tape meet.  Would I do it again?  Probably! 

That's it for me today!
Hope you are enjoying you Sunday!
And as always, thank you so much for coming by!


  1. Well, I love it, Shannon! I think it's adorable! The lines where the tape meet don't bother me; I think it just adds to the design. And isn't it always fun to finally and satisfactorily use a product?! Hugs, Darnell

  2. Squeal! Your little angel is...well, angelic! Cute, adorable, sweet and clasping the Shannon-signature heart, ready to share it with whoever needs it...heart-warming and heart-melting! Such a fabulous combining of ME, PS and LF (honestly, we crafters do speak in code sometimes, don't we!!). Now, this washi frame is quite fetching (my new word for the day) and works wonderfully with your angel-on-the-cloud-in-the-sky scene. I've zoomed in to see the 'alleged' joining lines, and nope, can't say as they're noticeable. Therefore, my friend, your frame is perfect! Wonderful use of washi (I have two rolls, neglected...poor things...). LOVE your card; LOVE your 'another new adventure'!! Hugs~c

  3. Such the perfect background...that's some time consuming stuff but well worth it! love how you manage to combine so many manufacturers on one card!

  4. Big props to you for lining up the washi tape so perfectly! And forming your own sentiment? Double props! Love how your card turned out--so cute!!

  5. Aww...So ADORABLE!!! the Washi background and your angel from ME so precious :)

  6. With awesome results like this, I wouldn't hesitate for even a schmick of a nano second deciding if I would give this Washi tape a go again! Your young eyes did a fine, fine job lining up the lines (mine would like have looked like a checker board!).

    This card is chuck full of amazingness....the beautifully blended sky, the pieced sentiment (WOW), the pretty coloring and the perfectly straight line of bling around the cloud 'puffs'!

    Endless talent young lady!!!

  7. Hey, that's really neat! I love the way it looks! Do you know that I have never used Washi tape before?? I know, I'm the only cardmaker ever.... I love what you've done here. I just might have to try something like this. The little angel is adorable and the way you did the sentiment is fabulous!

  8. I totally agree about the lining up part. I tried to do a washi background with stripes as well and they were SO hard to line up! The angel is sooo adorable! I love the way you coloured it <3


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