Monday, February 03, 2014

Anything Goes


Here's a little card I made yesterday, quarantined in my craft room, hoping to avoid my husband's strept throat!  You'd never believe it, but this one took me a long time to make!  As much as I have been in love with creating my own backgrounds lately, I also NEED to start using up my patterned paper.  That was my goal when I started this.  My other goal: to use PS stamps only (that was the easy part!) because I wanted to make this for the PS Sparks Anything goes challenge.

Here's the card:

Yeah, I have no idea WHAT took me so long to get this done!  Well, maybe I do...  For starters, I must have changed the poof on the top of the hat about five times!  Good grief!  And I was just not happy with anything I tried.  In the end though, I'm okay with it.  I mean, how could anyone not be in love with those puppy dog eyes?!!  I used four PS sets, and two die sets, and called it a day!

Hopefully the next card I make comes a little easier!!
Have an awesome day!


  1. Aw, that is such a sweet card! Isn't it so frustrating when a card takes so long to come together!? That happens to me all the time! But I think this card turned out great! I hope you don't get sick! :)

  2. SUPER cute, lovely flowers and such a SWEET pup!!!!!! LOVES it!!!

  3. Oh how darling!! Love that little doggy and your choices of patterned paper are perfect! I also love the angled sentiment and the cute little flowers! Sorry it took you so long to get done, but if you're quarantined, I can't think of a better way to spend your time! :) Stay well! :)

  4. seriously rock PS stamps! Awesome background paper...kind of like his dog house walls! Perfect mix of colors and DP - everything looks wonderful together. You have a keen, keen eye for the mixy-match part of this craft! I love the his wee striped banner 'mat' :)

    I'd totally be picking this sweet creation out of the gallery!

  5. Aww...he is so CUTE Shannon! Love to take him home :)

  6. I'm late, I'm late (blogger, again!), but persevering. One of these comments *has* to stick! Those puppy dog eyes - irresistible! Smooches and cuddles for this little guy - and his party hat is simply tooo darling! Flowers, angled banner, gold-embossed sentiment (fab-u-lous!!), pink and wood-ish background - truly, Shannon, the time invested is well worth the outstanding result! Darling, charming and all-around dazzling! I'm with Geri: winner in this gallery for sure!! Love this card! Hope your quarantine sees you spared the strep throat! Hope your poor sweet husband is feeling better (I'm sure you're spoiling and pampering him...even if from a bit of a distance...). Hugs, dear friend~c

  7. So adorable, Shannon! And I love your attention to detail--that pouf looks perfect, and the gold embossed sentiment on vellum, too!

  8. This is SO adorable! That cute puppy reminds me of the Littlest Pet Shop toys! Love the vellum and gold here! You did so well using up that patterned paper!

  9. Oookay, I coulda sworn I left a comment here ... I came to congratulate on the well-deserved shout out from Paper Smooches for your mega cute card, Shannon!! Yippee!! Hugs, Darnell


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