Thursday, February 20, 2014

Anything Goes and One Special Card


Couple of cards today!  The first one is going out to a very special boy named Colin in Michigan.  Have you heard the story?  I saw it on the news a few days ago.  Colin is turning 11 in March.  When his Mom asked him if he would like a party, he told her there was no point, because he didn't have any friends.  It just broke my heart.  Ugh, nothing gets me more that a child suffering - whether it be from in illness, from bullying, from loneliness.  His Mom set up a Facebook page in order for friends and family to send him positive, encouraging birthday wishes, which she thought would be better than a party.  To her surprise, it went "viral", FAR beyond family and friends.  The number of "likes" exploded and is now over two million!!  But, I don't Facebook.  I know, I'm pretty sure I'm the only person in the entire world who doesn't!  So I couldn't "like" the special page  I felt sad that I couldn't do my part.  Then, I was visiting over at Ellen Hutson's "The Classroom" to check out one of my favourite features, Hello Monday, by Julie Ebersole.  This week, Julie featured a card that she made for Colin!!  I had no idea that the family was also accepting cards!  Well, of course, I got straight to work!

Here's what I came up with:

Very simple and hopefully masculine enough for an 11 year old boy!  I also used a sentiment on the inside from PS Slang Gang that says "have the best day evah".  Well, actually, I had to add the "have" but that was easy enough to do with another stamp and a little masking.

If you have time, why not make a card and send it to Colin too, and let him know he's got friends!
His address is:
PO Box 756 Richland, MI 49083-0756

And here's my second card:

Like so many of you, I'm trying to use up what I have!  I just kind of went for a more scrappy look but  I'm not sure if there's too much going on here or not!  It's out of my comfort zone a bit, but I think it's always good to stretch yourself once in a while and try something a little different. 

Both cards are all PS, off to the Anything Goes challenge they go!

Thanks so much for stopping by, and please consider sending a card to Colin!


  1. Aren't you just the sweetest??!!! What a wonderful thing to do for this little guy. I know that your card for him will brighten his birthday so much. Love that you fussy cut all those candles! And I love that little cow. Sneaky (in a good way) to put different paper behind the cut-outs in the &. Great cards!! Bev

  2. So ADORABLE Shannon!!! Who doesn't love candles? Super Cute and the cow is so FUN with the balloon tucked in. Creative you :)

  3. Oh what a wonderful story and so great that you're sending him a card! Oh I do love happy things like this. It sure restores my faith in humanity. I want to send him a card too! Now on to your creations here. These are just ADORABLE! The one for Colin is so 11 year old boy! It's perfect! And the second one is too cute! I love the background paper and the cute little cow with the kraft balloons!! Love love!!

  4. Oh my, but your compassion, sensitivity, and all around amazing-ness shines through your post and especially, your card, which is perfect x awesome for young Colin. You will brighten his spirit immensely and immeasurably, as you have mine. This young man will be blown away when he receives this in the mail! Now about this cow: eeee! Isn't it darling (I love that it has a little ear-ring, which I noticed whilst Valentine-card-athoning). Sparkly gold balloons, Shannon-signature hearts, cheery patterned paper: everything combined for a most striking effect. Too much going on? Nope - only in a good way for making someone's birthday extra-special! LOVE this!! Your post and cards, yet again, have added mega-sparkle to my day!! Getting ready for the trek north; will be in touch soon!! Hugs~c

  5. This is just like you to do such a sweet thing for Colin, Shannon, and thank you for sharing the information and the address! And your birthday card is PERFECT and MOOving!! Have a great weekend! Hugs, Darnell

  6. You've a kind soul young lady! This is such a cool 'dude' card! I bet Colin will have this card front & center in the card line-up when it is delivered to him! The 'Happy Birthday dude' is the perfect sentiment!

    Your second card is perfect! "Busy" it isn't...perfectly layered it is! A fabulous mix of 'schtuff' that creates a very pleasing clean & layered style. Adding a bit of pink polka dot paper to the inside the "&" sign is brilliant!

  7. LOL! I looooooooove how you don't like FB--- that's something I shouldn't have (time waster/etc).... but I need it for business. Eh:)

    What a sweet card for Collin! That's wonderful that you are sending him encouragement/love! Makes me so sad to hear his story-- I totally understand how sad he is (I saw lots of kids in my classroom upset/feeling lonely/etc.). If I have time, I will see about sending him a card <3

    And your second card--- oh my OH MY! I absolutely loooooooooove it! I LOVE the papers and design! ACK! It's FABBBBBBBBBBBBBULOUS! YOU rock <3


  8. Both of your cards are so fantastic! The birthday candle card is so clever and it's that cow just the cutest?! Love your scrappy look on this one. I am so glad that you shared these cards with this week's Paper Smooches SPARKS Challenge!

  9. Hey there pal! Just was over visiting the PS challenge blog and guess what my old eyes spied? Yep, your sweet 'hugs & kisses' card as one of the Featured Players! Way to go Shannon - a well deserved shout out!!!


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