Sunday, August 25, 2013

The Bee and the Wood Pecker!


I think it has been at least a million years since I played along with the Paper Smooches Sparks Challenge!!  So at long last, I decided to play along for this week's challenge.  It's a "Cool Shades" colour challenge and at first, I was a bit intimidated by the colours.  But that's kind of the point of a challenge - to take you out of your comfort zone and let the creativity go to work.  And I had a ton of fun making this card!

Here are the challenge colours:

And here's my card:

I wanted to make a birthday card (you can never have enough of those on hand!) and I was totally inspired by the bee.  I bought this set as a Valentine's set, but loved that I could it in another context!  The happy and the day are from Sentiment Sampler and the Bee is from the Valentine set (can't remember what it's called, but it is the sweetest set ever!).  I did a bit of masking to achieve the sentiment I wanted, including masking out the "a" in happy and replacing it with a heart.  The flowers are from Reflections and the kraft coloured leaves were punched from a very old punch I have in my stash.  I STILL do not have any dies or a die cutting machine!!!  Good grief!!!

I also wanted to share a photo with you that I took last weekend.  I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw a wood pecker perched on a tree in our backyard.  We are so fortunate to have a lot of sweet little creatures come and visit us regularly in our backyard - birds, bunnies, squirrels and rumour is there are deer that come by as well (although I haven't seen one yet).  But this little wood pecker just took my breath away, and he was happy to pose for pictures for quite some time before he fluttered off.

I hope he comes back to visit soon!  And hope you enjoyed your visit to see me today - THANK YOU for coming!!



  1. Oh my GIRL, that made me scream (making my husband sitting quietly next to me jump!) ---Whhhhh ee eeeee LOOK AT THAT Beee!! And laugh happily as I LOVE IT! So glad to see you back!!!

    (and wild mad crazy over your commments for me ---without your e-mail so hard to post a thanks right back) :(

  2. Darling, adorable, super sweet, stellar card! Wow - you've returned with a dazzler!! LOVE this card; as in LOVE X LOVE! Everything about it has me smiling and cheering (I surprised my husband too!). That signature-Shannon wee heart: YES! Perfectly placed, as always!! Your photo of the woodpecker: amazing! We don't see those here (too many scary, big ravens!), but bunnies we have, as well as elk that sometimes take to 'staking their ground' in nearby parks/green areas. They're....ummm...large creatures, with attitude! Happy dancing that you're back!!

  3. Oh my Shannon, this bee is so cute! I love how you put it all together :)

  4. Your card is adorable...I simply love that fun bee!
    Your picture is amazing!

  5. Wow, this is so wonderful and yes, yay, what a winning card! Congratulations! :)

  6. Congratulations, Shannon!! This card is so sweet! Great job with the color combination! :)

  7. Woo hoo! Congrats on your win, Shannon!
    LOVE the paper pieced bee!

  8. Good grief, I was just going to say this was a total winner, Shannon and then I saw Donna's comment above mine, that you already ARE a winner even though you just posted this yesterday! FAR OUT!! I'm so thrilled for you! This card is perfect and adorable!

    I also wanted to thank you for your sweet get well wishes! I promise I am taking it easy and letting Mister wait on me hand and foot!! Hugs, Darnell Oh, oh, and I LOVE the woodpecker photo!!!

  9. No wonder this won, it's fabulous! I love the bee's flower trail ;)

    That's a pileated woodpecker I think. We had a few visit with us every winter...they were almost like pets...Dad had names for each one.

  10. That bee is so cute and I love your spray of flowers for him!

  11. absolutely darling! what a fun card shannon. congratulations on your WIN! woot.

  12. CONGRATS, knew it.. was going to say if you didnt win I was going to march right over there... and.. well, I didnt post that because.. well I am nice. And you won !!! LOL!!!

  13. What a FAB card-- great take on the colors! LOOOOOOOOOVE those flowers! And I love your design--you knocked my socks off! THANKS so much for joining in the fun and playing along with us over at the Paper Smooches SPARKS challenge <3

  14. in the heck did I miss this little pretty? Must have been while I was visiting with Brady! One look was all that I needed to know that this was sooooooo worthy of the shout-out at Paper Smooches! Your card literally jumped right off the gallery page!

    I'm so proud of you young'd think I was your mother!


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