Saturday, August 03, 2013

Happy Retirement, Dad!


Hope you are enjoying your Saturday!  Today I'm sharing a card that I made for my Dad's retirement.  After sixty, yes SIXTY years of working, he has decided to retire at 72 (well, almost 73!).  We thought we would never see the day!  And I don't think it's sunk in for any of us yet - including him!  He really did start work that young!  He was a coal miner in Wales up until he was 25 and decided to immigrate to Canada.  He spent his last 25 years owning his own business, contracting out engineering services to one of the city hall's out here.  I think that's why it has been so hard for him to give up - it's his very own, something he worked so hard to build, something he has so much pride in.  And, he loved it!  Not many of us can say that!

My Mom is throwing a little retirement party for him this coming Friday.  Of course I made him a little card:

It's a little busier than I normally like to do, but I really wanted to include all of the elements that I did.  It's quite personal for him - he loves to golf, and his happy place - the Mayan Riviera in Mexico.  He and my Mom have been going there at least once every year (sometimes twice) for over the past ten years.  And for the "relax" - who doesn't want to do that?!  That's what retirement should be all about - especially after 60 years of working!

Here's a little picture of me and my Dad taken last year on a family trip to his happy place.  He is wearing his cool dude sunglasses - because he is one cool dude (self proclaimed, in fact - ha ha!!)

Have a good day - thank you for coming by!


  1. What a wonderful card for you Dad ... so cool how you have personalized it just for your Dad!! :)

  2. YAY, there you are Chuchee chu!!

    Loving your use of stamps - as always!!

    You left me so many comments I am blushing... Thanks for visiting and your encouragement as always.

  3. *Blinking away the tears* Your admiration, respect and especially LOVE for your dad is so heart-warming, heart-touching and heart-melting! Retiring after 60 years is testament not only to his commitment and dedication to his job, but his passion for what he did, and what he accomplished! That he's finally decided to retire, which certainly must be tugging at his heart-strings, is sooooo wonderful, as now he'll have time to do all those things you've showcased so thoughtfully and sweetly in your card. Added bonus: a chance to spend more time with you, your mom, his grandkids...all of you! Awesome card from an awesome daughter! LOVE the photo of you two: beautiful and handsome!

  4. goodness....Carol said it all in her post. Ditto to everything she said!

    Your dad really does look like one cool 72 year pld guy that really has got it going on - cool shades, ball cap, hanging out in Mexico! He looks way younger than 72! Hope he enjoys his retirement!

    It is so obvious that your card is truly a work of heart! You captured things that were important to him in a fun and whimsical way! I don't think it is too busy at all! The elements are all quite small and nobody seems to be competing with the other for the limelight! Tons of white space too!

    He is going to LOVE it!

  5. FABULOUS!!! So fun, happy and perfect for the occasion!

  6. Your dad sounds like quite a guy, Shannon! Congratulations to him on his retirement! I hope he and your mom enjoy their well-earned years of relaxation. He can do so with pride at what he has accomplished already in his life, both professionally and personally with his family. Your card is beautifully well-balanced and a delight! He will treasure it. Finally, lovely picture of the two of you!!

  7. OHHHHHHHHHH MY! This is another FABULOUS card-- wowowowowowza! I absolutely love your stamping for this sentiment-- AMAZING! I love the simplicity (white background with just fussy cutting/paper piecing).... love the layered stamping.... love the way my eye flows over the card.... AMAZING x100000000! YOU nailed this card! LOVE LOVE LOVE:)


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