Monday, January 20, 2014

Veering WAY off course!


I've read on a lot of your blogs how you start out making a card, with a pretty clear picture in your head of what it is going to look like, and the result is anything but!!  This happens to me A LOT!  For my card today, I didn't actually have so much an idea - it was actually a challenge sketch that was swimming around in my head.  Naturally, the end result should at least have some, even minor, resemblance to the sketch...right?!  NOPE!  I tried so hard to make this particular sketch work - "try this, try that, maybe this image, maybe that one?"  Nope, nope and nope!  "Ohhhh..., but maybe this would look okay with this, and ohhhh, maybe that could go there"...and so it began.  By the time I was done, I had veered WAY off course, and the card looked NOTHING like the sketch!  And a wedding card - yeah, there was NO intention to make one of those when I first started either!

Here's how it all turned out:

I ended up trying out my Rock Candy glitter (another free gift from Ellen Hutson in my Black Friday order!) and sprinkled it on a diagonal pattern I created with my double sided tape.  I was really impressed with the glitter - it stuck to where it was supposed to, and it didn't end up everywhere it wasn't (you know, like in my hair, in my shoes, in the get the idea!).  I kept adding more and more of the WPlus9 flowers until I was happy with the cluster, then used my new 'forever and always' dies from PS.  I added the congrats sentiment (Mama Elephant) at the bottom to ground the scene.

For a chuckle, here's a peek at the Unscripted Sketch that it was "supposed" to look like!  (see what I mean?!!  not.even.close!!!)  I'm still going to take another shot at it though and hopefully I will be able to come up with something a little closer next time around!!!

That's all for me today!!
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  1. Shannon this is GORGEOUS....Gorgeous!!! Love all flowers and the glittered background:)

  2. Nope, doesn't even faintly resemble the sketch! haha!! But WOW!! Who cares?? This is gorgeous!! That cluster of flowers is soooooo pretty!! I love the pink and black too! The black sentiment and the white ampersand.... oooooooooohhhh!! I really love this one.... if you couldn't tell ;)

  3. Is it ok that I think it's better than the sketch? I love this! The hits of black are perfect and I love the subtle glittery diagonals. You nailed it and made it your own!

  4. oooohhhhh....this is gorgeous. Love how it all came together.

  5. BE-YOUUUUU-TI-FUL! Sparklies, pink blossoms and blooms, 'happily ever after' sentiment (see - told you'd be rocking the dies!) - perfectly, wonderfully, dazzlingly lovely! As for 'following' the sketch, remember what Kimberly says, 'tis but a 'launching point' for inspiration. It still sparked you to 'Shannon-ize' it in your always marvelously 'flair-and-style' fashion, so in my world, link it up! Awesome for a wedding card; awesome for the challenge; awesome for all of us who love x love your creations!! (If this doesn't stick, I'll scream!!)

  6. I'm with that.US really needs to revamp their sketch to match your card :)

    This is stunning! You have such a natural talent for design - perfectly balanced and a spot-on mix of elements! The pop of black in the FLAWLESSLY embossed sentiment banner totally grounds the card. Nice flow & movement between the elements...from the bit of black in the flowers in the top corner, to the center sentiments and then down to the bottom anchor element!

    Sketch....who needs a sketch when you can create like this!!!

  7. Oh, this is so pretty!! And I can totally see the sketch in your design! You know I have that WPlus9 floral set and have not inked it up yet?? I'm inspired, Shannon!

  8. LOL!! I love that I'm not the only one who veers from my original design! However, when I veer, it never looks good! LOL!

    LOOOOOOOVE this wedding card- love the flowers and the glitter stripes! LOVE that sentiment and banner! BEAUTIFULLY done!! <3

  9. Hey, did mr blogger misplace my comment??!
    It went something like, this is way better than the sketch!!! And you should have posted it!! I loves it!!! Lots and lots!!!

  10. Ps your desins are awesome!! If you have any mama elephant, please do a card, you deserve to be a GDT, your work is perfect style for them!! Lovely and sweet!!


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