Saturday, January 04, 2014

A Card and a Favour...not necessarily in that order!


Before I get to my card, I have a favour to ask.  My sweet 14 year old niece, Elysha, is working on a school project where she was assigned to choose a social issue close to her heart, and then to find a way to contribute to fixing it.  The issue she chose is Animal Cruelty in the Food Industry, and to bring more awareness to the problem, she has decided to start a blog.   If you have a few minutes, please pop on over and have a peek, maybe even leave a comment too :)

And now onto the card.  My mojo was going strong for quite a while, but it seems to be slipping now!  It's taking me forever to come up with something I like :(  Oh where, oh where are you Mr. Mojo?!!  But I did want to play with the PS Sparks Challenge - it's an Anything Goes.  And when mojo is not cooperating, the less "confined" the challenge, the better!!!

Here it is:

Wish I could say I loved how this turned out, but it's definitely not one of my faves!  But I do love it for one reason - I got to use a die - for the first time!!!  I FINALLY got a Big Shot!!!  (About time, huh?!!!).

That's it for me today.  Hope Mr. Mojo finds his way back home soon!


  1. WOOOOOO on the Big Shot!! So happy for you! You will not know how you lived before! haha! Your card is wonderful! Can't believe you came up with something that great with no mojo. I love that awesome purple tag! My mojo is lacking a bit lately too. I think it's "post holiday creative energy drain" :D

  2. I commented on the blog for fair treatment.... great cause. LOVE this card too!
    Love the PS thanks!!! I need that cutey.
    Have a lovely day!

  3. wahoooooooooooo for the Big Shot. Oh boy, are you going to have FUN!!!! Love your sweet card!

    Left a comment on your niece's blog :)

  4. You are going to LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your new little rig! And yes, you will wonder how you ever crafted without it!

    In my opinion, Ms. Mojo is now in the house (who cares where Mister is when Ms. does such a fine, fine job!). This is fabulous! The bright colored chevrons (I love fuchsia) are perfect for the message! Awesome design with a lollipop that looks real enough to eat!

    Now, I'm off to visit your niece's blog! I am an extreme animal lover so will gladly offer her support. Actually, extreme is likely an understatement because I rescue bugs from the house and release them outside!

  5. So glad you started a blog!!!! This is such a yummy card! LOVE your design and Bright colors! Thanks so much for playing with us at SPARKS! Hugs, Karin

  6. *Wild cheering, thunderous happy dancing, and wooo hooooo* on the Big Shot news! That little machine is the gateway to a whole lot of new purchases and YOU will work awesome, amazing, outstanding magic with whatever dies you use! The evidence is already pointing in that direction with your Thanks card here! I hear you about the missing Mojo (grrr with mine!), but from my view, you've created a delightful card; it's bright, cheery, lolly-pop and signature heart sweet and the black Thanks pops splendidly from the pink/yellow background. LOVE it!! Vibrant and amazing - just like YOU!! Heading off to comment on Elyse's blog; her cause is one I firmly believe in! I read Omnivore's Dilemma by Michael Pollan - quite the amazing book about various aspects of the food industry, including animal treatment. Geri and I share are so alike: I'm a bug rescuer, too! Yayyy again for the Big Shot joining your collection! Hugs~c

    1. Gahh...I spelled Elysha's name wrong earlier! Apologies x 10000! Perhaps heading back to work tomorrow is a 'good' thing; I need spelling and proofreading lessons!!

  7. I'm lovin' this! The pop of pink pattern is awesome. A die cutting machine in your hands...we're in for some treats! Enjoy your new goodies ;)

  8. Awesome!!! Finally...I know you will truly <3 your die cutting machine! OH and your card have that color combo I :)

  9. Woot on your new toy! I adore your sweet card.

  10. You have a very impressive niece. Her words are so friendly and personable which leads the reader to the point of the blog in an open frame of mind (I told her the same thing!)

  11. And I forgot to say ...beware of dies...they multiply!


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