Sunday, December 15, 2013

Two Cards and a lot of Babbling!

Hi everyone!

Hope you are maintaining your sanity in this crazy hustle and bustle of the season!!  I'm not sure I had any sanity to begin with, so can't say I'm maintaining any of my own - ha!  It has been very busy though, as it is for everyone at this time of the year.  Each year though, I try more and more to really acquaint myself with what's important, and "let go" of the rest.  I want to give myself a chance to enjoy the season.  Not an easy task, but I continuously remind myself that it only comes once a year, and it seems to come and go so quickly.  I try to slow it down just a little bit, and take it all in.  Of course there are blips in this "journey" to slow down and enjoy - like the other day when I realized that I needed oh, about double the amount of Christmas cards I had made!  Slowing it down went out the window, and was replaced by chaos as I madly made the rest of the cards that I needed!  Only two to go now, and I have a bit of time this afternoon, so I should be able to easily get those done, and shift back into "slow it down" mode!  And that will include my annual viewing of my favourite movie of all time  - nope, it's not one of the great classics - nope!  It's The Holiday!!  Iris just reminds me SO much of myself and I fall in love with the movie more and more every year!

Okay, I've babbled on for long enough (I haven't posted for a while - I think I'm making up for lost time!)!  Time to share some cards!

This is one of the Christmas cards I made in the "oh no, I don't have enough cards frenzy":

This was the only new design - all the rest were just copies of ones I had previously made - no time to come up with something new!

And this is a card I made for a friend.  She was telling me about another friend of hers who has cancer (can we just rid the world of that???  Please.) who is going out of country for surgery next week.  Her friend loves my friend's dog, named Lexie and it's become a bit of a running theme through her treatment that Lexie is there for her.  When she leaves next week for her surgery, my friend wanted to have a little care package waiting for her when she arrives.  I asked her if I could make a card to accompany the care package and I was so thrilled that she said yes!  Here it is:

I'm going to link both of these up to the PS Anything Goes Challenge!  I haven't played along with a challenge for WAY too long!

Thank you for stopping by and enduring my ramblings!  Have an awesome day!


  1. Oh these puppy cards are absolutely sweet!

    yes to enjoying the season...I managed to wrap all the presents that are in house. Usually I wait until Christmas Eve and get super grouchy, I actually enjoyed the process this morning:)

  2.'ve returned with a darling wonderful duo of delight - and most important reminder to 'slow down' and enjoy the season! I need to follow your advice, especially since I have zero cards made for my family and a couple of colleagues! I did, however, get a couple done and, most important, write tw o'from Santa' letters for Ms T and Mr. C. Little envelopes and they are done! Okay, back to your lovelies here: the first is eeeeee adorable. From the sweet puppy and bird, to the frame to the ROW of hearts: fabulous! And the second - such a thoughtful, heart-warming card for a situation I, like you, wish we could make disappear! Magic wand needed!! Your sweet little "Lexie" is guaranteed to boost your friend's friend's spirits, immensely - and is yet more evidence of your compassionate and big heart! Yes, these are day-brightening and inspiring!! Haven't seen The Holiday (on the list), but we did watch Rudolph, the old animated version. LOVE it!! Off to craft for a bit...loads to do. Can you say "tags"??? Hugs~

  3. Aww, both of these cards are adorable!! I really like the second card that you made - so sweet! This time of year definitely gets busy and it's so important to slow down and remember what really matters. I haven't seen The Holiday - maybe I'll have to watch it this year! My favorite Christmas movie is Its a Wonderful Life! I hope you have a good evening!! :)

  4. Totally adorable.

    Sometimes I am in the frenzy too, and I just say, hay, this year, no Christmas cards, I will start this stash for next year, and I feel better ....I know the frenzy is over, and that next year, I am already ahead!!!! So breathe easy, and do what makes YOUR life simpler. I JUST love your cards though!!!! SO adorable.

  5. Oh both of your cards are ADORABLE! I am a huge dog lover,so cards with dogs are a favorite if mine :) I totally can relate to your feelings about this time of year. It's my favorite of all times, but it gets so hectic trying to get everything done in time, AND be able to slow down and enjoy the season??? I have decided this year, that I'm going to continue Christmas through January, after all the rush is over! Seriously! Going to do just that! Always love your adorable style! Hope you can slow down and enjoy :):):)

  6. You work magic with Paper Smooches stamps! All your cards are simply adorable! And I'm glad you caught up with your Christmas cards--handstamped is always the best! Enjoy the rest of the madness before "the" day! Happy Holidays, Shannon!

  7. Wow! You are so Amazing Shannon! Love what you did with that Paper Smooches ROCKED those stamps girl!

  8. Shannon, these are so pretty! The card from Lexie is so sweet and will warm her're awesome to make this for her :)


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