Saturday, December 28, 2013

Things are happening in 3's!


And the crazy card making extravaganza continues!  Got another three made yesterday.  Really though, I attribute this creative binge on ALL the new goodies I have received.  I'm just so excited to try out everything and thrilled that this results in so many new cards in my stash!

Card #1:

On this one, I actually started with the bird cage (Jane's Doodles), then added the little bird (TAWS), and then went on the hunt for a complimentary piece of patterned paper.  When I spotted this grey polka dotted little number I knew it was what I wanted to use.  Unfortunately though, my original design plan was a little different, so I sliced it up to work with that design.  Which I didn't end up liking.  Which was even more disappointing because that little 6x6 piece of patterned paper was the only one I had!  Dang it - I no longer had enough to cover the card front.  So after stressing, I decided to do some surgery!  I *tried* to mend two pieces back together!  Fortunately the pattern is a little wonky, so it made it a little easier to do this, but I can still totally tell :(  See if you can tell (it won't be hard to spot!!).

Card #2:

I wanted to try out my new triangle stencil with my HA mint julep ink.  Really love how the stenciling turned out, even though it is quite loud!  I'm not sure if the images I used were enough to tone it down a bit, but that's okay, I think it's kind of fun!

Card #3:

I've said before that I'm not big on pink, and I have no idea what led to all the pinkness on this card!  I hadn't planned on it.  I actually started with the sheep image, and then decided to frame him with the pink frame to pick up on the colours I used on her nose.  I tried to find some patterned paper to work with this and while I was searching for it, I switched gears and decided to use my other stencil with embossing paste.  I tinted the paste with pink.  I only picked it because I was experimenting with tinting and it happened to be the colour right in front of me.  So I went for it.  Then I thought it needed something else, so I used the same pink to highlight the edges of the card.  And voila, a very pink card!  I did add a bit of water to the edges to "water stain" the card just for a little extra something something.  I really wanted to use "ewe" in the sentiment, so made it a thank ewe card by white embossing on vellum with a PS banner and using the Lawn Fawn Milo's ABCs set to customize.

Well, that was a lot of yacking!!  A much longer post than I'd intended, but hope you liked it!  Really hoping to make more cards today...after I get a few chores done (they are in desperate need of doing! - cards have trumped cleaning hands down this week!).

Have a good day!


  1. Yay, more cards from you! They just went from cute to cuter to cutest!! I think you were teasing about piecing the paper on that first card back together, Shannon. I TRIED and I could not see where! I loved hearing how your cards evolved, especially when (as so often happens for me) they just sort of have minds of their own!

    Happy New Year and Happy Bloggaversary in a few days!! I'm glad you jumped into it a year ago and joined our happy little card-making community!! Big hugs, Darnell

  2. Looks like you're having WAY too much fun with your new goodies! I love all the different backgrounds on each card. I've yet to try embossing paste (I think I'll make a mess!) but you really are tempting me to get some!

  3. These are all so different and wonderful. I was chuckling about your explanation of your first card, believe me, we wouldn't have know that you had to do surgery...I love how you combined that TAWS bird with the JD birdcage...excellent!

    The second card with the mint julep ink...ADORABLE. You are so good about using your have me inspired.

    I think you secretly LOVE pink...I love's such a sweet color and your third card?! ADORABLE. I HAVE to pick up some STENCILS and PASTE.

    Thanks for all the inspiration!!!!!!

  4. WOOOOOOOOW! Sounds like you got a lot of crafting goodies! I'm jealous I can't come over and join in the fun of crafting!! Maybe someday we can Skype and craft together;)

    LOVE each of these cards! That mint julep is the PERFECT color for your second card! Those triangles are AMAMAMAMAMAZING! LOVE that last card too-- love the EP-- I must get mine out and try it:) What did you do to tint it? I was just thinking about doing a tutorial on that! Great minds think alike-- but your creations are better than mine:) <3

    TONS of love to you!!! LOOOOOOOOOVE stopping by here:) Happy New Year <3

  5. That is one heck of a mend job....I actually took my magnifying glass out to try to find it! Great job!!!

    Fabulously sa-weet cards! Total creative genius combining images and sentiments from different sets - everything works perfectly together! Love the twine - the thickness mimics the lines at the base of the cage and balances everything

    The mint julep triangles - gorgeous! I really do have to get some of these stencils! Love your doodled border and the images are PERFECT...anything more would have turned the volume up way too hihg, anything smaller would have been lost in the pretty great call on the images!

    And last, but certainly not least...the beyond cute 'pink' creation! This is so pretty! Using different shades of pink (especially some of the brighter shades) adds interest and whimsy to the card without compromising the softness!

    Hope your holidays were great! We had a fabulous time with family & friends! I sure am looking forward to some quiet, restful days though :)

  6. Wow! Its always a treat to visit you Shannon! Your cards are always so fun and cute! Love each one. Love that you combine different manufacturers and make the cuteness work like magic! FABULOUS as always and Happy New Year :)

  7. Eeeee...another trio of terrific!! Card #1 you claim, experienced some 'surgery' and what an outstanding job you did: I detect no 'scars' whatsoever! The paper creates a most fabulous background for the birdcage (Shannon signature hearts spotted!) and bird, who is simply darling in his blue feathered finery!
    Card #2 is darling! Once again, you've created the perfect background to showcase your focal image! The little owl is adorable, perched on his sentiment (heart spotted!) with the speech bubble alongside. The pops of red: special touch!
    Card #3 is giggle out-loud super cute! The variety of pink shades you've used (especially the embossed background) complement one another wonderfully. My view: not too pink whatsoever! And the 'ewe" is totally cutie-patootie! "Good things happen in threes" - couldn't be more true for what you've shared here and in your previous post! LOVE these, LOVE the previous three, LOVE alllllll your creations! Hope I can make a card or two today, after I re-organize my various mess-fest containers!! Hugs~c

  8. Oh my! You have been a BUSY lady! I love your cards. They are all darling. I especially love that white embossing on the vellum banner. Looks fabulous!

    I hope that you had a wonderful Christmas.
    Happy New Year!

  9. MOJO x 3!!! Love the owlesy cuteness and EWE so CUTE!!! LOL!!
    Lovely, I hope your holidays are wonderful as well!!!
    Happy New Year!

  10. Isn't it great to have new goodies to play with? You certainly had the Creative Muse sitting on your shoulder today. These are all gorgeous and fun cards.
    Happy New Year!

  11. Oh Shannon these are darling!!! I love the pink sheep one!! I haven't used the embossing paste yet. I'm afraid I'd make a terrible mess! haha! You did a fabulous job with it though! And the card at the top, well I looked and looked and can't find where you put the paper back together, so I'd say you did a pretty good job! Love them all! Happy new year and thank you so much for the congratulations on my blog!! :)


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