Sunday, June 23, 2013

Jam Packed Card


Just a little post tonight with a challenge-less card I made.  I tried to work this one into a challenge, but alas, I gave up.  I think it's the sentiments fault!  Ha ha!  I really wanted to say two things on this card and I found that I had to work the rest of the card around the words.  Which was okay, and I just started playing.  I think I may have overcrowded the card and added a few too many elements, and I don't think it's really my style, but I think it's sweet nonetheless.

Here it is:

I made it for a very kind, sweet, generous, thoughtful lady who I met up with on Friday.  She shared with me that a very close friend of hers had just passed away from a heart attack - at the age of 31.  Gut-wrenching.  Despite her sadness, and having so much to deal with, she mentioned that she was cooking dinner, and asked if I would like to come.  She knew that my husband was out of town and didn't want me to be alone.  Such an angel.  I had made other plans, so I couldn't make it, but I wanted to send her a little note, to let her know how sorry I am for her loss, and to let her know what a special person she is!

Hope it brings a smile to her face!
Have a good night, and hopefully see you tomorrow!


  1. So, I read your post and thought to myself that you are a sincerely sweet and kind person Shannon! I'm sure that the kindess that you show others comes back to you tenfold!

    Your card is NOT even close to overcrowded - quite the opposite actually. Every element is perfectly placed and perfectly balanced! Beautiful to look at! Awesome job young lady :)

  2. Once again, in sweet, compassionate and spirit-lifting Shannon-style, you've reached into someone's heart, and created a card that will bring immense joy! What a gorgeous card; visually eye-catching, and 'reason for' ever so thoughtful and kind! She will be deeply touched! Overcrowded? Not even a little bit! As Geri noted, everything is perfect!! Love, love and love it!! Thank you, too, for your well-wishes on the flood+evacuation+'surrounded by a moat' situation. That's one for the 'wild and crazy experiences I have had' book! As always, your comment and notes brighten my day! I'll be in touch (work = GONG SHOW trying to catch up with marks and packing up in preparation for moving to our new "digs" for the fall. Interesting times!!


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