Wednesday, June 19, 2013

An Idiot's Moment...!


Well, I *thought* I'd played along with the Paper Smooches colour challenge for this week...but nope!  I got the colours all wrong!!!

To give you an idea of how this happened, I should give you a little insight into how I play along with these challenges.  It all starts like this:  my craft room is upstairs, and my computer is downstairs (it's a laptop, but I generally just keep it plugged in at the kitchen "station").  So, every few days, I look at what's "out there" for challenges, and I quickly jot down the sketch or the colour theme or what have you, on a ripped up, scrap piece of paper.  Then I bring my paper upstairs to my craft room, and see what inspires me.  Well this week, I jotted down both the Paper Smooches and the Colour Q challenge colours.  So today, I decided to work with the *Paper Smooches* colour challenge.  I struggled with it, because I have been really trying hard lately to experiment with all of my supplies, so when it came to using just one company's product, I was definitely feeling challenged!  But I came up with something I liked in the end.

I came downstairs to photograph it, but before I did, I just quickly jumped on the SPARKS page - only to find I'd used the wrong colours!  After all that fussing and mussing to use just PS products, I hadn't even used the right colours!  I'd looked at the wrong challenge on my little scrap piece of paper!  (funny though, because the colours in both challenges had some similarities).  Well, I thought, I'll just enter it into the Colour Q challenge instead.  But guess what - that challenge had closed!  (And really, I was kinda off on the colours there too!!!). 

Oh well, on the bright side, I've got a thank you card for our sweet yoga instructor (my husband and I take class together - it was like pulling teeth to get him to come, but once he started he has become quite enamoured with it (although I'm not sure he'd admit it!)).  My favourite thing about this card is the sentiment.  I love how it turned out kind of artsy looking!  I just used a very fine tipped black pen to trace around the letters and got a cool effect!

Enough blabbering (and whining!) - here's the card!

And for a chuckle, here are the SPARKS and Colour Q challenge colours:

Thanks for checking in to have a look!
Hope you have a fabulous day!


  1. Totally artsy, totally granola and totally yoga teacher perfect! Love the stapled on sentiment! Good on you getting DH to go to yoga. I'm sure I would have to drug and drag my DH to get him to yoga!

  2. Geri's got it right - granola, artsy, cheery - perfect for your yoga instructor!! Love your tale of how you started on one path and wound up on another - on a 'good' another! Even if you missed the "required" colours, you still did a bang-up job with those you selected and in featuring PS products! I say, share this on their gallery, because they do go for a cruise often. As for doing yoga as a couple - how AWESOME is that! Yoga and I haven't developed a relationship (zero flexibility!) but perhaps I should give it a try (DVD-style, though) once more. Yet again, another inspiration from YOU!! Thank you oodles!

  3. Oh, Shannon, I'm sorry you went through all that. Your card is really awesome and I'm sure it would have won at cQc!! The teacher will cherish it!


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