Sunday, March 31, 2013



Hope everyone is having a nice long weekend!  And for those who celebrate, Happy Easter!  No kids over at our place, which means no egg hunt for us this morning :(  Our Easter treat is just to sleep in!  In fact, my husband is still fast asleep after working a night shift last night.  I think I will have to take advantage of the "me" time with a bit more card making until he wakes up!

I made today's card for one of the lovely ladies that I work with.  She is heading off to Hawaii in a few weeks to celebrate her 50th birthday (she doesn't look a day over 29!).  This trip has been in the works for a very long time - I think she's been counting down the sleeps for about a thousand days now!!   And it's just a few weeks away now!  I wanted to make her something special that celebrated her trip and her big day.  I pulled out my Paper Smooches Get Outta Town set and just started playing.  I love all the images on this set!  I just played around with stamping and colouring, and here's what I came up with.

It's a little busier that I would normally do, but I wanted to squeeze all the elements onto the card.  Hope you like it, and I hope to be back again tomorrow!

Happy Easter!


  1. Special? Let's address a few more of its features, such as: thoughtful, heart-warming, stunning! Yet again, an amazing card (# of elelments = perfect!), made by an amazing person (YOU!), to celebrate an amazing occasion (turning 50...oh, how I remember that!!) and amazing adventure. Aloha, indeed! How adorable is that set - and your colouring is magnifique! What do you use (I have some copic markers; we haven't forged a 'good' relationship yet...) Funny, I haven't asked that of you before - see, always a 'something new' to discover!. The 50 *discreetly* nestled betwixt and between the 4 holiday goodies (total of 5 - more '50' significance) - way, too cute! Stellar card. Absolutely!!
    Great to see you enjoying your 'me' time because it always results in something creative, charming, clever and dazzling for the rest of us! Carry on with "me-ing" and keep those wonderful cards+posts coming!
    HAPPY EASTER! Even if you didn't hunt for eggs, I hope some chocolate-y decadent goodness finds its way to you (chocolate cake just jumped to mind...may have to go searching for some...).

  2. I think it's perfect! Not too busy at all since each element isn't too big. Fab coloring and I love the layout. Great design chickie :)


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