Monday, September 02, 2013

Book Store Inspiration


Happy Labour Day!  Hope that means you all got a little R&R time before heading back to work and school tomorrow!  And hope even more you were able to get a little time today to make a card or two!  I was able to put one together.  This one isn't related to any challenges.  I tried to work with a few challenges over the weekend, but they left me cringing, and I left them in the recycling bin!  So today I just played.  I got my inspiration for the card from Chapters/Indigo.  Whenever I'm in there, I always get inspired - usually from the designs on their boxed cards, journal covers, home decor, flipping through books and magazines, etc.  It is a goldmine for inspiration!  So I snap a photo of anything that inspires me.  (hmmmm, wait a minute, is that even legal??!!!).  One of the cards I posted earlier this week was also inspired by something I spotted at Chapters.  Funny enough, I don't usually go to Pinterest for inspiration.  I tend to get WAY too distracted by EVERYTHING on there and end up spending WAY too much time on it!  So Chapters is my go-to!

And here's what it inspired:

This is another mish mash of products.  The flowers are Paper Smooches, TAWS and one of my old SU! stamps.  Leaves are PS and TAWS.  Butterfly is PS, the "Thank You" is Studio Calico and the "oh so much" is TAWS.  The flower centres are embossed and the petals of the black flowers have glossy accents on them, just to bring out the colour a bit better.  For the border, I randomly cut a scallop pattern at the top and then drew a white border.  Finished it off with twine.

And that's it!  Thank you SO much for visiting - I love it when you do!


  1. I've never heard of Chapters/Indigo... Must check it out! Looooooove this, Shannon! I love the flowers with that butterfly! And that twine is perfect!!!! Love x100000! You are on a crafty roll for real! Love visiting ur blog:)

  2. This is so pretty! We don't have a Chapters in Hawaii but it sounds like our Papyrus--a stationery store. Funny thing is, I took a photo of a card there and may use it for inspiration, too! Have a great week!

  3. I have never been to a Chapters/Indigo, but it sounds like a wonderful place to visit. And it must be lovely, because it inspired this lovely card! I adore your "mish mash of products". You use them well. That sentiment with two fonts is fabulous. And I L-O-V-E the white border you created! Beautiful card, Shannon!

  4. GORGEOUS card, and the inspiration coming from Chapters/Indigo - brilliant!! Your butterflies fluttering amongst the flower clusters...swooon!!! Love that combination of images and combined with the background and sentiment: eye-catching, thoughtful and 1,000,000 a winner! LOVE this! It's moved to a Top 3 cards by Shannon place (for today, anyway!!). Your card is sending me off to work with a smile!!

  5. Such a cheerful card. I so like your mix of flowers, leaves and that big butterfly!

  6. Girl...this is AMAZING!!! The flowers and butterfly go well together. Such a happy card :)

  7. Awesome! It's a perfect country fresh card!

  8. Chapters over Pinterest any day for me too....cuz Chapters has a Starbucks and Pinterest doesn't! Honestly, I have only visited Pinterest a couple of times and stay away for the exact same reason as you do! You're a wise young lady that knows how to get as many crafting hours out of day as possible!

    You seriously DREW the white border? No wonder I get excited each time I see a post from you....cuz your work just keeps getting better and better and better...your creativity is soaring and your ability to lay those ideas down on paper is amazing!

    You best find a challenge for this little pretty because it definitely deserves some cheering and clapping form an appreciative audience!


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