Thursday, May 23, 2013

They Arrived, They Arriiiiiivvvvveed!!!


Happy mail is just the best!  Whenever I've submitted an order for new goodies, I anxiously await their arrival like a little kid.  Here in Canada, the orders tend to ship in about 10 to 14 days.  And on Day 10, I skip to the mail box with huge anticipation - normally to find out they still haven't arrived (insert sad face).  I repeat the same process for the following days, until finally, there they are!  And yesterday was that day!!!  When I opened my mail box in the morning, there, waiting for me, was my latest TAWS order!  I hooted and hollared (inside voice only..., although a little audible squeal *may* have slipped out!) and skipped all the way back to my house (by "all the way", I mean less than a minute walk!).  I cracked them open, and went to work!  I played along with Retro Sketches Challenge #64.  I took a few liberties, shall we say, but the sketch definitely inspired the card. 

Here's the sketch:

And my take, liberties and all:

I used all of my three new sets - Bird Brain, Jibber Jabber and Tag Alongs.  I couldn't resist.  And that bird - oh that bird!!  I just love her to pieces!  I think she will be seeing a lot of ink in the future!  I also tried the splatter technique for the first time.  I could not for the life of me figure out how all the other card makers were getting these perfectly random splatters all over their cards, adding such a nice, subtle texture.  Then I came across Tiffany Johnson's tutorial and found out all about splatters - and not just one type - several.  Tiffany's video is excellent - I highly recommend checking it out!  Actually, I highly recommend checking out all of her videos when you can - she is incredible!

That's it for me today!
Now, if only my Simon Says order arrives soon!  More skipping to the mail box for me later today!
Have a good day!!


  1. Super adorable! Isn't happy mail the best - and you're like me in wanting to showcase every single stamp as quickly as possible! You've managed to select a perfect 3 to combine for your card: awesome!! Do I see some new patterned paper being featured on the big-eyed birdie, too? Speaking of patterned paper: my SS order arrived yesterday - 8 patterned paper pads! Can't wait to play with them!!! Thrilled you like my TAWS card - all thanks to you!! Have fun 'acquainting' yourself with your new family members!

  2. That is so cute, Shannon! I like the birdie stamp that you used! And thanks for sharing the link for the splatter tutorial. That will come in handy! I hope that your new Lawn Fawn stamps arrive soon! I think I am getting a few for my birthday - I can't wait! :)

  3. is sooooo hard waiting for the parcels, knowing that as soon as the package hits the Canadian border it c--r--a--w--l--s all the rest of the way to our mailboxes!

    But, hey, everything good is worth waiting for! Awesome card! That bird is beyond sweet and so versatile. I would be popping her (or him) on everything I made! The paint splatters are perfect! Thanks for the link to Tiffany's tutorials - I hadn't heard of her before. Heading over there straight away to check things out!

    I may have asked in the past (and my poor old almost 55 year old brain has totally forgotten - sorry) but whereabouts in Canada? I'm in Dauphin, Manitoba.

  4. I really like this card :)

  5. Girl, did you rob a bank or get an inheritance or something! LOL! I'm scrolling backwards to here and three posts in a row all about new stamps has me drooling! You are turning into an enabler as well as an inspirererer - oh, I wasn't sure I could stop once I got going on the erers!

    So a) I must have that bird, too; and b) I must check out that video. And z) your card is a pure delight and sure to win!!



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