Monday, April 01, 2013

On the move!


Today, I've got a little gift card set that I am giving to my co-worker who is set to transfer to another city very soon.  I've made ten of these little guys.  Inside will be all of her new address information, and I am going to package them up with these matching envelopes and a 10-pack of stamps.  Hopefully she will like them! 

The little bird house is from an old Kim Hughes set when she was designing for Cornish Heritage Farms - I still LOVE that stamp!  The little birdie on the envelope is from Woofers and Tweeters and the "fly line" is from Flap Happy.

Hope you have a happy day!


  1. So cute, Shannon!! The little bird on the envelope is such a cute tough! I'm sure that your friend will really like those cards! I hope that you had a nice Easter! :)

  2. "Hopefully she'll like them," I think should read, "She will ADORE these." This set takes heart-warming, charming and, yes 'practical,' to new levels, amplified by the addition of envelopes AND her new address AND stamps. I doubt your co-worker will find someone as generous and caring as you, in her new office!
    Thank you for your AWESOME note; I'll respond later today/during the week, as our internet connections are spotty. Very. I've been kicked off twice in trying to send this! Hope your folks arrived home safely!
    Thinking of you! Hugs,

  3. Okay, last comment of the night because I need to go get educated tomrrow which requires waking up (ew). That little birdy guy on the envelope is so adorable!!!!!!!!


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